Trudeau Maison Individual Citrus Slice Squeezer

Why It's Cool: Elegantly squeezes more juice out of less citrus (saving money, squirts and sticky fingers)

One of our favorite things to brighten almost any dish or drink is a small squeeze of citrus, usually lemon or lime, sometimes orange. And when it’s missing, you may not know what’s missing, but you know that something is...think about iced tea without lemon, vodka & tonic without lime, or fresh oysters without a splash of citrus. And in many applications, you and your guests do the squeezing to taste, at table or bar.

So now that we’ve established that you and your guests at table will likely squeeze some citrus on something, what’s the most elegant way to do it? We’ve found a very clever answer….

The Citrus Slice  Squeezer takes a half slice of lemon, lime or orange, squeezes virtually all the juice out of it, keeps the seeds with the rind (and the squirts out of your eyes) and then uses the spout to pour your citrus juice exactly where you want it.

The advantages of this little wonder are numerous: it...

  1. Gets maximum juice out of minimum pieces of citrus, giving you more bang for your fruit!
  2. Keeps the seeds in the Squeezer and away from your food
  3. Squeezes citrus without squirting you or anyone else
  4. Keeps your fingers clean
  5. Contains all the juice in one place
  6. Assures that you pour the juice exactly where you want it to go, and
  7. Looks great on your table.

Whether you just get one or two for your use (one for the kitchen and one for the bar) or enough to have one at each place setting at dinner, you’ll find that these Squeezers are truly handy, wonderfully fun and useful Cool Tools! And did we mention: they make great gifts!


  • Tritan plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
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