Trudeau Dripless Oil Spout

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Why It's Cool: Truly dripless pouring from any bottle.

We all buy - or receive - bottles of olive oil or vinegar that we store for another day … they come either corked or with a screwtop that has to be removed and/or replaced every time we use it …. But when we want to use it immediately - without having to unscrew the top or re-pull the cork in the midst of executing a recipe - we need a pour spout, in order to avoid using the “thumb on the bottle” drizzle technique ….

But most pour spouts are dreadful refugees from cheap cocktail bars: they don’t seal well enough to maintain freshness and don’t keep out the tiny insects inevitably attracted to your delicious oil or vinegar. And, when in use, they don’t control the flow and then inevitably drip, creating a mess on your countertop or the side of the bottle, and in your cabinet … yuck! Right?

No longer!

The Dripless Oil Spout from Trudeau - using the same very ingenious oil spout technology as their Oil and Vinegar Bottles, assures a controlled pour, a neat, dripless finish, and - with the convenient cap - excellent storage that will keep your products fresh while keeping out those pesky critters that always show-up in our pantries. Its 3-level gasket assures a good seal in most bottles, and there is a convenient post to hold the cap so it doesn’t get misplaced mid-recipe!  In short, this is the perfect pour spout!

Available in “Olive Oil” green with a grey cap, or in Grey, with a green cap, this is great design with excellent, and much needed, functionality … a very Cool Tool!


  • 2⅜”/6cm height above the bottle
  • 1”/2.5cm into neck of bottle
  • Food grade Silicone and Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Patent Pending Design
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