Trudeau Herb Mincer/Moulin aux Fines Herbes

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Why It's Cool: Quick and easy mincing of fresh herbs, and chilies directly onto your dish

Cutting fresh or dried herbs or chilis can present a range of problems: you can’t cut them small enough, or the dried pieces crumble irregularly and shoot in all directions except the one you wanted, or those really hot little chilis leave their oils on your fingers and you inevitably rub your eyes and scream! Right?

Well, no longer! The Herb Mincer is an essential tool for any cook that enjoys the flavors of herbs and chilis in their food … and who doesn’t?

We’ve had one of these in our Tools drawer long before we got into this business, but this model from Trudeau is the best current example of a quality tool that performs a simple but often necessary task. Made of stainless steel with a comfortable silicone handle for a secure grip, you simply drop your ingredient into the open drum, hold it over your plate, mixing bowl, or mise bowl, turn the handle, and voila! … finely even chopped bits of your ingredient, with minimal fuss or muss.

The cutting assembly has 4 rows of 8 blades spaced 1/16” apart; these blades cut in both directions, so you can turn the handle one direction and then the other, and the ingredient will feed down in the drum and get cut into your bowl. Special note: since the cutting assembly handle can be placed in either direction, the Herb Mincer can be used easily by Lefties or Righties! And cleanup is easy: simply disassemble with quick flick under the drum and run everything under a strong tap or place in the dishwasher.

We’ve used this for almost every kind of fresh herb: rosemary leaves (especially effective here, as they are stiff, oily, and - like so many things - difficult but highly desirable), cilantro, parsley, oregano, basil, and tarragon … be sure to dry the herbs after rinsing because excess moisture can clog the chopper. Dried herbs - think dill, or any of the above - are a snap. It is also useful for preparing a fine mince of small fresh or dried chilis: avoid handling those fresh little Thai Dragons or other hot small chilis by cutting off the stems and running them through the Herb Mincer, producing tiny bits of fresh flavor and delicious heat in your dish, without fear of burning your eyes!

Great design and functionality that will enhance many of your dishes … a fundamental Cool Tool!  … and a great gift!


  • Stainless steel body and cutting assembly
  • Silicone handles
  • Left hand or Right hand operation
  • 7¼”/18.4 cm overall length … 2⅜”/6 cm height at drum
  • Cutting area: ~1½”/4 cm long … 1”/2.5 cm wide
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
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