Trudeau Maison Seafood Cracker

Why It's Cool: Seafood cracker with 2 positions, biting teeth and a comfortable handle

A seafood cracker is basically like a nutcracker: it uses leverage to help you crack tough seafood shells. So what you want in a seafood cracker is something sturdy enough to crack hard shells, yet comfortable enough so that you don’t hurt your hand when you squeeze it. We think we’ve found just the one...

The Trudeau Maison Seafood Cracker has two cracking positions to use for either wider claws or skinny legs, and both positions have teeth that help crack through the shell. And the comfortable handles have ridges that help prevent slippage from even the wettest hands.

Like its ‘cousins’, this is a well-designed highly functional Cool Tool that deserves a place at every place setting on your table!.


  • 6”/15cm X 2”/5cm
  • Die cast aluminum and silicone soft-touch handles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Manufacturer’s LIfetime Warranty
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