Trudeau Maison Seafood Picks (Set of 2)

Why It's Cool: Get into every crevice of your seafood shell to get out all the tasty seafood

A seafood pick is an indispensable tool when you’re trying to get the meat out of a shellfish shell. Most spoons are not small enough to reach into all the crevices, and your fingernail just doesn’t do the trick. What you want is something long and thin, that can reach deep inside a shell, with just enough curve to pull out the meat out as the pick exits the shell. We’ve found one that really excels at this important task.

The Trudeau Maison Seafood Pick (sold as a set of 2) is 8”/~20cm of stainless steel that can reach the furthest, deepest corner of almost any shell. There are two business ends of the pick: one is a curved 2-tine sharp fork and the other is a curved, hollowed out spoon. Between the two of them, you should be able to clean out the shell of all its delicious contents. In the middle of the pick is a wider spot to hold the pick securely, with a soft-touch grip to assure a firm grip when the pick is wet and slippery..

If you enjoy seafood, serve seafood or have friends who do, this is a well-designed, highly effective addition to your tabletop: a truly Cool Tool.


  • Set of 2
  • 8”/20cm long X a mere ¼”/.64cm wide at each tip
  • 18/8 Stainless steel and silicone soft-touch grip
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Manufacturer’s LIfetime Warranty
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