Trudeau Professional Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mills

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Why It's Cool: Beautiful classic design in brushed stainless steel, with all the necessary functionality using modern materials

I’ve always been a fan of manual pepper and salt mills, probably stemming from being impressed at an early age when the waiter asked if I would like freshly ground pepper on my dish, how he artfully dusted my plate, and the sound of grinding next to my ear … and it made my dish beautiful and delicious! I guess I was an impressionable child, and that’s one impression I’ve never lost.

We have tested and identified several electric salt and pepper mills but, until now, have devoted little attention to manual mills … in the interim we have tested quite a number of manual mills and developed some interesting testing and analysis criteria.

There are several functional features to consider. First, of course, all mills grind salt or pepper, and some can do both. But salt mills have the additional issue of possible corrosion, especially when you use Sea Salt like we do. Most mills are adjustable, but the methods and degrees of adjustment vary. And the major issue for any mill is throughput: does it do a good job of grinding salt or pepper evenly and efficiently, in a reasonable quantity?

And then there are the design issues: in addition to the “how does it work?” questions, there is the basic “what does it look like?” question. Classic? or Modern? Are the adjustment controls clearly visible and easy to use? Can you see how much salt or pepper remains in the mill, so you won’t run out in the middle of cooking or eating? So much, and more, to consider, for such essential tools!

The Trudeau Professional Mills are the modern reminders of those childhood memories ... the classic shape we all remember, but rendered in stainless steel, with subtle but clearly visible “S” and “P” labels on the knurled adjustment knobs on top: no more test-grinds into your hand to determine which mill is which! The pepper mills have helix-shaped carbon steel grinders, while the salt mills have high quality stainless steel grinders, to avoid the corrosion issue. Both mills feature a stainless steel shaft for strength and durability, and a spring-loaded mechanism engineered to deliver a consistent grind. They’re easily refillable from the top, and adjustable by turning S or P knobs to your desired level of throughput. And both mills grind both clockwise and counter-clockwise, with scratch-resistant bases to protect your counters or tabletop.

Beautiful classic design in brushed stainless steel, with all the necessary functionality using modern materials … truly a Cool Tool!


  • 6½”/16.5cm x 3¼”/8.3cm
  • Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • Scratch-resistant base
  • Pepper: Carbon Steel grinder
  • Salt: Stainless Steel grinder
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
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