Trudeau Silicone Glass Drying Mat

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Why It's Cool: The best solution for draining and drying glassware – whether hand-wash only, or just more than the dishwasher can handle

We all know this scenario … it’s late at night, after a lovely. leisurely dinner with friends featuring many dishes and glasses (bottles?) of wine … it seems like every guest needed yet another glass to taste that ‘other’ wine … and now your last duty as the host is cleanup …. But your dishwasher is full, or maybe you brought out the “good” - hand-wash only! - glasses … and so you need additional space to drain all your glasses … OK, yes you can use a towel on the counter, but that, or those thick microfiber drying mats, aren't very stable, and tomorrow morning those glasses will still have moisture inside the bowl and you’ll have to hand-dry them again anyway … have I got it?

Well, no longer … this Glass Drying Mat will provide that extra draining & drying capacity that you need, and will store away conveniently until next time …

The Glass Drying Mat from Trudeau is a sheet of food-grade silicone that rests securely on your counter and folds conveniently for storage. The swirly grooves in each of the 6 circles hold glasses with up to 3¾”/9.5 cm diameter bowls off the surface, which allows air to circulate under the rim to drain and dry, with a minimum of water spots. And it's stable so your glasses won't tip over. Just what you need for that late night cleanup! … or when emptying the dishwasher in the morning!

Simple basic design that adds extra functionality to your kitchen cleanup … very much a Cool Tool! In a choice of two colors … and you’ll probably need more than 1, maybe as a gift for your next host!


  • Silicone mat
  • 12”/30.5 cm long ...7¾”/20 cm wide
  • Available in Dark Grey or Red
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
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