Trudeau Stainless Steel Cheese Markers

Why It's Cool: Beautiful Stainless Steel memory jogger to remind you and your guests what cheeses you're serving

If you love cheese, then you probably love serving cheese to friends and family. We often have a cheese course in lieu of a sweet dessert. But it also makes a delicious prelude to your favorite dessert, adding new dimensions of flavor and texture to your meal.

And when someone exclaims, “What a wonderful cheese, what is it?”, you’d hate to sit there looking like a deer in the headlights because you forgot, or go rummaging through the trash looking for the label! Not good! … but both have happened to us!

That’s where cheese labels come in--it’s the communications tool that doesn’t give you away. Whether you use it to jog your own memory or to inform your friends is up to you.

The Stainless Steel Cheese Markers from Trudeau are as beautiful as they are practical. You get 4 different shapes and a marker to make your cheese board an experience to remember. And, speaking of remembering… well, sometimes we all need a little help.

Looks great, reusable, makes you look smarter… a Cool Tool for sure!


  • Set of 4 cheese markers in assorted shapes
  • Stainless steel
  • Marker included to write the type of cheese on each marker
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher safe
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