Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew (Wine Opener)

Why It's Cool: Easy and comfortable to use and beautiful to look at

At some point, we all learned to love, and to rely upon, the once-new ratchet-style corkscrew: with a firm grip and a down-stroke, the corkscrew - or “worm” - penetrated smoothly into all but the longest corks and, with an almost-effortless reverse motion, the cork was removed from the bottle. One final repeat of the first downward motion removed the cork from the corkscrew … all in all, a highly effective tool ….

And it would have been one of the original Cool Tools, if it had not fallen victim to various sins, including mergers & acquisitions, cost-cutting, and shameless copying. If you still own an original, then treasure it! But if, like us, your original fell victim to overuse and lack of quality replacement parts, then you’ve also been engaged in a long and often unsatisfactory search for a replacement. Finally, we’ve finally found a ratchet corkscrew worthy of being designated a “Cool Tool” ….

The Automatic (well, not quite!) Corkscrew from Trudeau is based upon their unique “Stress Less” technologies to enable effortless cork removal. Like the long-belated original, this corkscrew performs well on all but the longest and super-saturated old corks; the 2”/5cm worm is industry standard length. The corkscrew also includes a well-designed 3-bladed adjustable foil cutter - another often-overlooked detail - that doubles as a magnetic base for the corkscrew. So, unlike most foil cutters that get lost in your drawer, this foil cutter remains handily available to perform its task.

In summary, this Corkscrew is well designed and performs its functions very well … and it will look good on your countertop or bar. The very essence of a Cool Tool!

All of our wine friends will love this Corkscrew, and all of your wine friends will thank you profusely, for a long time, for introducing them to this corkscrew, and for giving this as a gift.


  • 6¾”/17cm high in closed position - 12¾”/32cm high when the arm is fully extended  
  • Stainless Steel with black trim
  • Gift box
  • Tempered steel triple-coated sharp-edge spiral
  • Recommended by Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
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