True Fabrications "Cannon" Wine Chiller

Why It's Cool: Sleek and stylish way to keep your wine at temperature, that avoids dripping bottles and soggy labels

Every once in awhile, we encounter an impossibly simple piece of elegant and highly functional design, that performs its purpose oh-so-well … something that embodies the very essence of The Cool Tool paradigm! The “Cannon” Wine Chiller from True Fabrications is one of those ….

This double-walled brushed stainless steel beauty holds standard 750ml wine and champagne bottles at the ready: presenting the neck of your bottle for easy refilling, and maintaining the chill on your bottle at cellar temperature or lower, for a reasonable period of time (your experience will vary, according to starting temp, external temp, etc.). No need for pre-chilling (although that could be useful for those hot summer days to come!) - it simply insulates to keep your wine chilled for about as long as it will take to consume it, without any external condensation! And its rubber base prevents slipping and protects your tabletop from scratches.

This is a new fixture on our everyday dining table, for white and red wines alike! … the very essence of a Cool Tool! … no need to say more!


  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Double-wall construction
  • 9½”/24cm height
  • 7½”/19cm diameter at base
  • 4”/10cm inside diameter
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