Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Why It's Cool: Stylish way to keep your wine cool without dripping water all over your table

As Spring finally arrives - meaning that Summer is not far away - our thoughts inevitably begin to turn to lighter wines: in the heat of Summer we drink more Whites, and especially enjoy Rosés, indoors or outside, with food or as an aperitif or quaffer, with lighter food and more produce from the garden. OK - have we captured your imagination? Seriously, Summer will be here before too long ….

Whatever chilled wine you’re drinking, the challenge is keeping it chilled, evenly, as you work your way through the bottle. And there are at least three problems with most ‘ice buckets’: (1) the ice melts, changing the temperature inside the bucket, (2) the condensation on the exterior of the bucket leaves a watermark on your tabletop - or turns your tablecloth into a soggy towel, and (3) the water dripping off the bottle each time you refill a glass makes your grasp slippery - especially if the label is coming off in your hand - and falls onto the table, into the glass, or onto you or your guests.

Enter the VacuVin Wine Cooler: an elegant and highly-effective solution to all these problems ...making it a very Cool Tool.

This brushed stainless steel tower encases a patented 6-chambered cylindrical chemical chiller that lives compactly in your freezer until it is inserted into the tower through the easily removable base: with a simple flick of the built-in handle, you remove the base, insert the chiller, and then turn the handle to lock the base back in place.  The Rapid Ice® chiller is sized for the most common varieties of 750ml bottles - but not for champagne.  And, according to the Manufacturer, it becomes “chilled” after only 5 minutes in the freezer, so you can ‘re-chill’ it quickly while you open your next bottle. And you can avoid all those trips back to the freezer for more ice.

A beautiful addition to your tabletop ...with no ice, no drips, and an evenly chilled bottle of wine to enjoy, whenever you drink chilled wines ...but especially in Summer ….

Elegant European design, highly functional, and well worth the price and space ...the essence of a Cool Tool.


  • Stainless Steel exterior
  • Patented Rapid Ice® chiller
  • 8” tall x 6.75” diameter at base x 3.5” inside diameter at top
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