Vineyard Table Serving Pieces

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Why It's Cool: Beautiful Hand forged hors d'oeuvres-sized serving pieces at a great price to elevate your entertaining.

One of the things that transforms a serving of food into a work of art is the presentation, and that’s often as simple as adding an interesting utensil or plate. It’s pretty easy to find interesting full-sized serving pieces, but small interesting pieces are a bit more of a challenge. I personally spent countless hours online looking for small cocktail or butter knives for our house that came in an assortment, and finally bought some that are less than ideal from a store in the UK.

Imagine my excitement when one of our vendor reps showed us a line that he is importing himself that not only had my ideal butter knives but an assortment of other wonderful small hors d’oeuvre-sized serving utensils...all at really good prices. We have tested them and loved them, and now we can bring them to you!

We’re offering several different sets (or pieces):

  1. Hand Forged Cheese Plane: While we’re on the subject of cheese, this 9”/23cm long cheese plane is as functional as it is attractive. It always surprises us that it’s often been difficult to find a cheese plane that combines good looks with ease of use--but this baby does it: the blade is angled well and is sharp enough to provide an easy thin slice of cheese (a good way to exercise portion control without having to give up one of the most delicious food groups: Cheese!) This cheese plane has a great supporting role to play on your cheese board.

  2. Set of 2 Salsa/Bruschetta Spoons: We love this set of 2 perfectly sized (5.75”/14.5cm long) and very attractive spoons: one with holes and one without. The spoon with holes is perfect for anything with liquid that you want to drain before putting it on your plate. We’ve used it for salsa, ceviche, olives and any of the pickles that have become so popular. The spoon without the holes is for everything else that you want to serve, whether it’s mayonnaise or aioli, bruschetta, hummus, or any sauce.

  3. Set of 3 Hand Forged Nut/Olive/Serving Spoons: Each of these 3 spoons, ranging in length from 6-6.5”/15.25-16.5cm, is a unique and very attractive shape. You’ll want to use one in each communal serving bowl of something, whether a sauce, a dip, or a bowl of nuts, to let everyone take an individually sized portion, and avoid spreading germs. What a beautiful solution to a small, but important problem!

Each of these beautiful pieces is made of stainless steel, and each will make a great addition to your entertaining, and wonderful host gifts! These are definitely Cool Tools!


  • 18/0 Stainless Steel
  • Hand washing recommended
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