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Whisk Wiper

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Quick Overview

Why It's Cool: It's the whisk buddy your whisk has always needed--it keeps the whisk off your counter, from falling into your bowl and clean!

A whisk is truly one of the most useful mixing tools in the kitchen. But sometimes I avoid using it because so much of what I’m mixing gets caught in the wires, and cleaning off each one - with a spatula or a finger - is a pain. The alternative is losing too much of my recipe down the drain. Well, it turns out that I wasn’t the only one who recognized that problem: someone else already did and actually did something about it! Meet the Whisk Wiper!

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The Whisk Wiper is an 11” whisk and whisk cleaner in one. But (as Rowan Atkinson said in Love Actually) it’s so much more:

  • The heart of the Whisk Wiper is a plastic disk that slides over the wires of the whisk and lives at the base of the wires, above the handle: like the guard on a sword, between the blade and the handle.

  • The disk assures that your whisk won’t slide into your bowl, no matter how large it is, because it allows you to rest the handle above the rim of the bowl.

  • The squared corner of the Whisk Wiper allows you to rest the whisk handle on your counter, while elevating the wires off your counter: keeping both your counter and your whisk cleaner.

  • And if you lift up your whisk and gesticulate with it in the middle of your task (hey, some of us do that!), the Whisk Wiper catches the drips and keeps them off your hand.

  • Once you’re done whisking your ingredients, just slide the Whisk Wiper over the wires of the whisk, and, Voila!, your whisk is practically clean and all the ingredients that had been clinging to your whisk are gathered on a flat surface for easy scraping into your bowl.

  • And last, but not least, the rounded silicone edge of the Whisk Wiper can be used to scrape the contents out of your bowl.

So now you can use your best mixing tool with impunity, because Whisk Wiper has solved that kitchen problem in an elegant and effective way. And think what a cool gift this will make for your friends who cook. This is a Cool Tool!


  • 3.5”/9cm circular wiping disk with one squared-off corner, made of FDA-compliant plastic and silicone
  • BPA-free   
  • 11”/28cm whisk is made of stainless steel
  • Patented
  • Made in USA
  • Hand washing recommended

Additional Information

WHY IT'S COOL It's the whisk buddy your whisk has always needed--it keeps the whisk off your counter, from falling into your bowl and clean!
Ships In: 10-15 Days
Manufacturer WhiskWiper
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Ships in: 10-15 Days