Wine Preserver Bundle

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Why It's Cool: Lays a “blanket” of inert gas over your wine to keep it fresh & tasty for days after it's opened, then the stoppers keep the gas in and look great

OK ...there are times when you want to stop short of finishing that open bottle of wine: you’re trying to cut back on consumption, you have more than one bottle open, you want to save some for tasting another day …. What technique do you use to preserve that bottle - or bottles - for next time? There are several options, and we’ve recently identified a product that we think works really well.

First - let’s discuss the options. Of course you could just put the bottle - with or without the cork - in the fridge or on your counter for another day, but we all know better than that. It’s the air in the bottle that spoils the remaining wine and merely putting in a cork or other stopper doesn’t stop - or even slow down - continuing wine/air interaction (oxidation) of the wine. There are alternative approaches like using smaller bottles to store the remaining wine, or using a Demosthenian technique of putting marbles in your bottle or carafe to fill up the empty volume. Yeah, right: who has time or patience for that? At the other far end of the price continuum, there are sophisticated gas-based sealed systems, best suited for large restaurant and other commercial settings. All of us average amateur enthusiasts, and many professionals too, use various vacuum pumps, with varying results.

But the option we prefer is a gas-based method, using the Private Preserve Wine Preserver. This “harmless” custom blend of three inert gases - Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO²) and Nitrogen (N²) - is the same combination used in the production and bottling of wines, and this product is used in many tasting rooms in Napa Valley and elsewhere. Using the included spray tube, Private Preserve blankets the remaining wine to prevent oxidation, and, unlike the vacuum pumps, it does not draw out the esters that give flavor and aroma to the wine. Simply spray and stopper your bottle, and your wine will remain ready to drink for days, or more! A single pressurized can has 120 uses - think of that as 10 cases of wine! - and even though the full can feels empty because the gases weigh next to nothing, a can should last a very long time ...unless of course you use it up quickly!

In addition to testing this product on wine (we used it on half a bottle of white before we went out of town, and enjoyed it more than a week later with no noticeable deterioration), we tested it on orange juice, left out of the refrigerator; after a week, unlike the others, the Private Preserve sample was still fresh tasting and drinkable! This stuff really does its job!

Private Preserve has been around since 1986 and they say this is “the essential wine accessory: second in importance only to the corkscrew.” We agree!

Direct from Napa Valley, made in the USA, extremely functional and highly effective … definitely a Cool Tool!

We've bundled this with an assortment of 3 of the great Charles Viancin Wine Stoppers for a great gift for yourself or your favorite hostess! This is a $16 value.


Private Preserve

  • Custom blend of three inert gases - Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO²) and Nitrogen (N²)
  • Nontoxic
  • Nonvolatile
  • FDA Approved
  • Tasteless
  • Made in USA
  • Pressurized can: use and dispose appropriately.

Charles VIancin Wine Stoppers

  • All designs: approximately 1.25” tall and 2” in diameter
  • Stoppers fit all standard wine bottles
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA Free
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