Yamazaki Pasta Set

Why It's Cool: Great combination of visually stunning and stunningly functional

When is specialized flatware something to think about? For most dishes, everyday flatware is just fine. But every once in awhile a great design meets a need… and you have a match made in heaven. While for years a fork and spoon have been enough for tackling a plate of pasta--there was always a feeling that a better solution could make it easier to grip the pasta with your fork (prior to this, mine always slid through the tines of the fork, and I had to fight to twirl it), and to pick up extra sauce with your spoon.

The Pasta Set from Yamazaki is that better solution.

Crafted in gorgeous 18/10 brushed stainless steel, the Set consists of a 9-piece service for 4: 4 forks and 4 spoons, plus 1 serving tongs. Each piece has special design features that make it easier to eat a wide range of “spaghetti-like” pasta: from Angel Hair and “true” Spaghetti, to Linguine and Fettucine, and even smaller Tagliatelle. Even some of the more esoteric small shapes can be more easily consumed with the Set.

The Fork has 3 tines (1¾”/4.5cm in length), specially designed with wavy, tapered spacing, to improve the “capture” of pasta, both prior to and during the process of twirling. 2-4 strands will be nicely wrapped around this fork, for neat and tidy enjoyment. The Spoon has a beautiful shallow round bowl (approximately 1⅞”/4.75cm in diameter, and approximately ¼”/0.6cm deep). Both utensils share very elegant, long, flat handles (6”/15.25cm in length; ½”/1.27cm at the widest point) and are very easy to use, regardless of your pasta-eating technique.

The Tongs are fashioned from a single piece of steel and feature a slightly angled design and rounded “grabbers”, assuring easy downward access into the very bottom of your serving bowl. Each grabber has 7 teeth, tapered in a circular form. The tongs’ handles are also 6”/15.25cm in length, but have a comfortable width (¾”/1.9cm) for a firm comfortable grip. And the springiness of the one-piece fabrication creates - in the “open” position - an attractive taper from approximately 1”/2.5cm at the base to 2¾”/7cm at the open end of the grabbers. The Tongs do not lock shut, but are slightly less than 3”/7.6cm wide in the open position, for easy storage in most drawers. And of course, all pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The Pasta Set is a beautiful combination of elegant modern design with exceptional functionality. It comes packaged in an attractive box (approximately 17”43cm x 10½”/27cm x 2”/5cm) for easy storage or for dramatic gift-giving …

This is a set of very Cool Tools … get one Set for yourself, and more as house-gifts!


  • 18/10 brushed Stainless Steel
  • Service for 4: 4 forks and 4 spoons, plus 1 serving tongs
  • Dishwasher safe
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