Zeal Calla Lily Flat-edge Silicone Scraper Spoon-Yellow

Why It's Cool: Sturdy silicone flat-edged spoon that is comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at!

A cooking spoon is an extension of your hand: it allows you to stir in ingredients, to keep the contents of a pot from burning, and to help turn a group of individual components into a unified and delicious whole. As a matter of fact, a cooking spoon is such a fundamental tool for cooking, that we named our corporation for the German (or Yiddish) word for cooking spoon: Kochloeffel!

There are a number of recipes, our recipes for gougères and melted tomato sauce among them, that ask you to stir pretty continuously so the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom of the pan or risk burning.  If what you’re stirring is thick, then you need something more sturdy than a spatula. But most spoons have a rounded point and just aren’t that effective to scrape the bottom and corners of your pan. That’s why a flat-edged spoon is one of our favorite Cool Tools!

And this spoon from Zeal is a great choice, for several reasons:

  • it’s sturdy enough to use on the toughest mixing jobs,
  • it’s silicone and therefore won’t scratch your nonstick cookware,
  • it has an ergonomic handle that is large enough to be comfortable in your hand, making your hard work less tiring while you’re using it, but also ...
  • it’s just so pretty!

Yes, we know a “pretty face” isn’t everything, but this spoon just makes us smile every time we use it, bringing the beauty of nature into the kitchen. But even the most beautiful spoon wouldn’t earn a place at Colbrook Kitchen unless it had the “inner beauty” of all these great features, and that’s what makes this a very Cool Tool!


  • 10"/25.4cm length
  • Heat resistant to 482°F/250°C
  • Ergonomic handle for left or right-hand use.
  • BPA-free food grade silicone: won’t scratch your nonstick cookware, discolor or absorb odors.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Manufacturer’s 10-Year Guarantee
  • Manufacturer makes a donation from every sale to Zealbees.com to save the bees.
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