AdHoc "Tutto" Pump Oil / Vinegar Sprayer

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Why It's Cool: Beautiful European design, sprays a beautiful fine mist

Occasionally life hands you lemonade when you thought you only had lemons … right?

When we started testing oil pump spray bottles, we looked at several and, after testing, made our choices … you’ve seen those we’ve recommended and have bought many ….  but there was one other pump sprayer out there that we wanted to recommend, but it was too expensive: the “Quality/Value/Price” algorithm just wasn’t right … until now ….

This is a European design beauty: brushed stainless steel exterior with a washable plastic liner, topped by a sleek circular pump handle that makes pumping easy. This sprayer - for oil or vinegar - holds its pressure and the spray nozzle delivers the ‘right amount’ of fine mist just where you want it.

The difference now is that the designer and manufacturer of these very cool pump spray bottles changed its US distributor and the new US distributor decided not to carry these sprayers … pure and simple. So the old distributor - the source of many of our other favorite Cool Tools - decided to close out these Sprayers and we were able to get a great price on the limited inventory remaining in the US: these are all there are and it’s unlikely that there will be any more in the US for some time.

These are very well designed, excellent pump sprayers: very Cool Tools … and subject to the limited quantities we have on hand, they are available for a limited time at the special prices listed below. These are available in 5 handle colors: black, white, red, green and orange, but we only have 6 in each color: this is truly a “close-out special” to be taken advantage of immediately!

Go for it! A real Cool Tool, at a bargain price, and subject to very limited US availability …. You need these, you want these, and you need to act now!


  • Pump sprayer for oil or vinegar
  • 8.5”/21cm tall x 2”/5cm diameter
  • Stainless Steel/Plastic
  • EU Food Safe rated
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