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  1. blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator

    blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator


    Regular Price: $71.99

    Special Price: $69.99

    Why It's Cool: Adds filtering and aeration to a beautiful 1.5L carafe

    Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are other tools that perform these technical tasks very well, like the Nuance Wine Finer. But there is an artistic dimension to enjoying wine that requires more elegant presentation, and for that we have wine carafes.

    The problem is that we may need to decant more frequently than we actually do, because ...well, sometimes it can be complicated. The “ritual” of opening and pouring and candling into a carafe requires extra equipment, in addition to the carafe, and so much attention to detail that sometimes it just seems inconvenient ...and so we don’t do it. And then we end up drinking young tight wine, or chewing on bits of cork or those globs of sediment hiding in the bottom of the glass as the last of the bottle approaches. Right? ... Wrong!

    In order to simplify this task, what we need is a multi-function single unit, combining the technical tools - the carafe, the filter, and the aerator - in one elegant package of glass and stainless steel. A piece of beautiful design, performing its functions in a highly efficient fashion. A Cool Tool.

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  2. Professional

    Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpeners


    Why It's Cool: Stylish, easy and incredibly effective knife sharpeners

    Sharpening your knives is an everyday task for everyone who cooks … but it’s often both a pain and a problem: are you doing it correctly? Is what you’re doing effective, or will it hurt your knives? You wind up avoiding the task because it’s one of those chores you don’t feel comfortable with, so you live with dull knives until you can take your knives to a professional, which is both expensive and inconvenient.

    A friend and customer (thanks, Suzy; you got 100 Cooks’ Club Points!) told us about a great knife sharpener that she got. We love leads from our customers, so we sought it out, checked it out, and tested it out, and we were hooked…! This is a truly unique, highly effective and easy to use approach to an everyday problem: getting and keeping your steel knives sharp! You can choose between the Basic, the Classic and the Professional models … all with Austrian Tungsten Carbide blades for the same highly effective sharpening experience!

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  3. Gefu "Tartufolo" Truffle Shaver

    Gefu "Tartufolo" Truffle Shaver


    Why It's Cool: Adjustable sharp blade cuts very well—Chef Ken Frank's favorite

    When Chef Ken Frank found out we were offering products from Gefu, he asked if we could get the Tartufolo Shaver because, as he points out in this video, this slicer from Gefu is his “hands-down favorite” tool for shaving truffles. And when a Michelin-starred chef makes that sort of statement, we knew we had to check it out. Not only is this great for slicing truffles, but you can use it on mushrooms, brussel sprouts, radishes and Parmesan and other hard cheeses...anything in fact that requires precision and very thin slicing.  We have to agree with the Chef that the Tartufolo a Very Cool Tool.

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  4. Gefu Food Mill

    Gefu Food Mill


    Why It's Cool: 2 design features that make this more efficient: arm that sweeps the food off the bottom of the mill and blade that moves food into processing area

    Even with all the high tech and electronic innovations in the kitchen, the food mill continues to be one of the great kitchen multi-taskers. It’s part sieve and part food processor and wholly perfect for separating soft foods from their skins, stems and seeds. We wouldn’t think of using anything else to make applesauce, and it works brilliantly on tomato or any fruit puree, mashed potatoes, and dozens of other fruits and vegetables, even sweet potatoes. And it’s perfect for making your own baby food (we’re told!). Whenever you need to grind or puree something with a skin or other nasty bits, a food mill will do the separating for you, while it smushes up your food into a smooth or slightly textured puree. And without the aeration motion of a food processor, your purees will be denser and more consistent.

    So now that we know that a food mill is (still) useful, what makes a food mill a really Cool Tool? There are a couple of things we look for, and we found that the Food Mill from the clever folks at Gefu has it all! See how it meets our rather demanding criteria...

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  5. Nuance Mortar & Pestle

    Nuance Mortar & Pestle


    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price: $65.00

    Why It's Cool: Beautiful, comfortable, effective

    Every kitchen needs a mortar & pestle, to grind those dried herbs and spices, crush garlic and basil and other firm or semi-dry ingredients for pesto and other sauce bases, or grind dry ingredients - even salt and pepper - into fine powders to add to any dish. We use it to grind pink peppercorns to add to the recipe for Guilt-free Panna Cotta for an interesting variation.

    The Kitchn just included a mortar & pestle in it's article " 7 Things You Should Have in the Kitchen by Age 30", saying this:

    Cuisines from around the world - from South America to South Asia - rely on variations of this ancient tool for many recipes.

    Cooking reaches deeper flavor levels when you start using whole spices, and to do that you need a mortar and pestle or an electric spice grinder. As Faith [Durand] wrote..., a mortar and pestle is "perhaps the kitchen tool that blends utility and beauty better than anything else." It's just right for crushing herbs or cracking spices, particularly when you're working with tiny amounts, but it sits pretty on a shelf when you don't need it.

    This beauty from Nuance - designed by Marcus Vagnby - features an extremely well-balanced and nicely weighted pestle - that very sensuous curved piece of stainless steel shown above - combined with a mortar of artfully-shaped Danish beechwood.  This is simply a pleasure to hold and work with! And it will look great on your counter or sideboard!

    Limited Quantity now in stock.

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  6. Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew

    Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew (Wine Opener)


    Why It's Cool: Easy and comfortable to use and beautiful to look at

    At some point, we all learned to love, and to rely upon, the once-new ratchet-style corkscrew: with a firm grip and a down-stroke, the corkscrew - or “worm” - penetrated smoothly into all but the longest corks and, with an almost-effortless reverse motion, the cork was removed from the bottle. One final repeat of the first downward motion removed the cork from the corkscrew … all in all, a highly effective tool ….

    And it would have been one of the original Cool Tools, if it had not fallen victim to various sins, including mergers & acquisitions, cost-cutting, and shameless copying. If you still own an original, then treasure it! But if, like us, your original fell victim to overuse and lack of quality replacement parts, then you’ve also been engaged in a long and often unsatisfactory search for a replacement. Finally, we’ve finally found a ratchet corkscrew worthy of being designated a “Cool Tool” ….

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