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  1. AdHoc DuoMill Pure

    AdHoc DuoMill Pure


    Why It's Cool: Both salt and pepper in one tower with 2 adjustable ceramic mills; great functionality and beautiful too!

    Salt and Pepper: essential ingredients in almost every recipe, and therefore in every kitchen and on every tabletop! And there are so many ways to ‘deliver’ these ingredients to your food … we offer electric (Piper’s primary faves!) and manual (Kennedy’s personal preferences!) But the good ones have a few things in common:

    • rapid, consistent and evenly distributed throughput,
    • adjustable grinders for individualized preferences,
    • comfortable ease of use, and
    • no messy “leave-behind” on your countertop or tabletop.

    Over these 5+ years of searching worldwide for truly Cool Tools, we’ve learned a lot, our requirements have become stricter, and the possible field of acceptable choices has narrowed. But this product truly is one of the best! And it’s from one of the first companies we worked with when we started our business!

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  2. Capabunga Cheese Vault

    Capabunga Cheese Vault


    Why It's Cool: Convenient effective way to store cheese that keeps it handy and protected

    Cheese is one of our favorite “food groups” … and we love cheese in all forms … except spoiled. But we invariably buy more than we consume, so the eternal corollary question is about storage: how do you best store the remaining pieces before they spoil? There are many considerations here. Since most of it comes from the store wrapped in plastic wrap, that should be an appropriate technique … but it isn’t! And we’ve tried every other variation: zip-lock bags, vacuum-sealed bags, parchment paper, wax paper, and more. But cheese needs to breathe to avoid spoilage and none of these approaches allow that to happen, as nature requires! We sell the Formaticum Cheese Wraps, in sheets and in bags, but even this two-layered paper can be difficult to use in some circumstances and not easy to organize neatly in your refrigerator. What to do?

    Enter … The Cheese Vault, from our friends at Capabunga!

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  3. Floral

    Charles Viancin Suction Glass Markers


    Why It's Cool: Glass Markers work with stemless or stemmed wine glasses and cocktail glasses, and they stick until you choose to remove them

    How many times are you at a party where you lose half a glass of wine because you put it down and then you have no idea which glass is yours! And if you’re the host, you are constantly providing more glasses for those guests who can’t recognize which glass is theirs.

    There are lots of glass markers on the market, but we've been on the hunt for glass markers that work for stemless as well as stemmed wine glasses, and even for cocktail glasses. We also wanted ones that looked good and were easy to use. Not a lot to ask for, but surprisingly not easy to find. Well, we've finally found one we truly love!...

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  4. Cheese Lover's Bundle

    Cheese Lover's Bundle


    As low as: $81.61

    Why It's Cool:

    Here's a fun gift for the cheese lovers on your list. It includes an assortment of wonderful Cool Tools to store and serve your cheese to perfection, and comes complete with a card that provides some guidance for creating a great cheese course.

    Here's what's included in the bundle:

    • Cheese Vault: Why It's Cool: Convenient effective way to store cheese that keeps it handy and protected
    • Cheese Slicer: Why It's Cool: Blade (instead of wire) cuts cheese easily
    • Cheese Grip: Why It's Cool: Keep your fingers off the cheese with this convenient handle
    • Cheese Labels: Why It's Cool: Helps guests know what they're eating; reusable
    • The Cheese Knife: Why It's Cool: Cuts cheese cleanly without sticking
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  5. Erik Bagger Appetizer Knife

    Erik Bagger Appetizer Knife


    Why It's Cool: Pure Scandinavian design: embodying both form and function in an elegant, simple piece

    When you’re serving appetizers, there is a special niche of tool - between a sharp paring knife and a blunt spatula - that makes the tasks of portioning and spreading ingredients easier and more controllable. Whether you perform these tasks yourself - think about spreading a cheesy mixture onto small baguette slices before broiling to make a ‘hot bruschetta’ - or offering a slice of rustic paté for guests to prepare their own portion onto crackers - some like more or less than others - you need an appropriate serving piece to perform these tasks with care and attention.

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  6. Escali SAVU Space Saving Scale

    Escali SAVU Space Saving Scale


    Why It's Cool: Small, sleek, and incredibly talented!

    Precision in cooking may not be as important as it is in baking, but when no two potatoes or carrots or apples are the same size, weighing your ingredients can really help make sure that your dish turns out the way you want it to, with the ingredients in the right proportions. And for baking, it's essential (see our Cool Tip "For the Cookie Monster in all of us: Weigh Your Way to Baking Success!")

    But there are various choices in scale designs that need to be considered ...and the Escali SAVU Scale, with it’s very sleek and compact design, presents a comprehensive set of “positive answers” to these questions.

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  7. fusionbrands CitrusZipper

    fusionbrands CitrusZipper


    Why It's Cool: Everything you can do with a citrus (except juice it) in one compact Cool Tool!

    IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion) nothing brings a dish alive better than a touch of citrus: either from juice, or zest, or, very often both. And almost every cocktail (from a martini, to an old fashioned, to a cosmopolitan) benefits from a little citrus. That’s why we are always on the look-out for great citrus tools that make adding (or accessing--see the part of this tool that helps you peel an orange) fresh citrus that much easier. And we’ve found one that is compact (only a little larger than a stick of gum), effective (we were wowed by how it accomplished each of its tasks), and very reasonably priced!

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  8. Clear

    fusionbrands PopMeasure


    Why It's Cool: 2 microwave safe measure cups in one, with easy clean-up in the dishwasher

    Has this ever happened to you? You have your measuring cup out and you’ve just measured your liquid, and now you have to measure something dry. So what do you do? Do you wash and dry your measuring cup in the middle of your preparations? That’s a pain! Do you curse because you didn’t read the whole recipe and reorder the ingredients to measure all the dry ingredients first? Who of us is that organized? Or do you get one of our favorite Cool Tools from those clever folks at fusionbrands?

    The PopMeasure is a great concept that is beautifully executed. It’s a 2-sided measuring cup: so you have a dry side even after you’ve measured a liquid. But what’s additionally creative about it is that it pops down for both storage and for easy cleanup in the dishwasher without collecting water in either side.

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  9. Gefu Bivita Sprouter

    Gefu Bivita Sprouter


    Why It's Cool: Grow your own sprouts, easily, quickly and deliciously!

    OK, we admit it: we used to laugh at people who ate sprouts. Yes, we live in Northern California, and, yes, we know that sprouts are supposed to be really healthy, but we always thought that they tasted sorta like grass, and if you ate them at all it was ONLY for the health benefits. We even asked waiters to take them off our salads when offered. Our “Ah ha” moment came when one of our vendors talked us into trying their new sprouter (which, incidentally, just won the GIA - Global Innovation Award - at the 2017 International Housewares Show!) we sent away for some organic French Garden (Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, Dill) seeds and gave it a go. Wow!

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  10. GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press

    GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press


    Why It's Cool: Beautifully silky smooth riced potatoes with much less effort

    Ahhh potatoes, that much maligned but often secretly enjoyed staff of life that adds so much to any meal. And while there are any number of ways to prepare a potato (or sweet potato for that matter), the richest and most decadent and probably most satisfying is in a silky smooth puree with the add-in of your choice (think cheese, sour cream, butter, garlic, celery root, creme fraiche, etc.), whether it’s just served on a plate, stuffed back in the shell to make a twice-baked potato, a seasonal favorite like Kennedy’s Drunken Sweet Potatoes, or our favorite French comfort food: Aligot Potatoes, that cheese-enhanced mashed-potato dish from central France that is somewhere between buttery mashed potatoes and pure melted cheese. And what is the hands-down best way to get that silky texture? In our opinion it’s ricing the potato.

    Ricing forces the potatoes through small holes and produces a silkier, smoother, fluffier texture that makes your potato the perfect vehicle for your next step. But the main problem with ricing is that it usually requires some physical strength on the part of the cook: it helps to peel before cooking (otherwise you have to remove the peels after each press), but most Ricers require more strength than most of us possess: Even before we started this business, we were on a hunt for an effective “Ricer”, without success, until now! Finally, we’ve found it!

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  11. Jaccard Pig Tail Food Flipper Set

    Jaccard Pig Tail Food Flipper Set


    Why It's Cool: Two sizes of sturdy, handy flippers that make it so easy to turn food on the grill or in the oven

    We’ve always been big fans of tongs… we have several on the site, and love them all. But we were recently introduced to a new technique for flipping and moving food...and we were blown away! There are times when you want the minimum contact possible with your food while turning it or moving it from place to place. Often this is when you’ve developed a nice crust while grilling, or other good coating that you don’t want to disturb. That’s when the Pig Tail Food Flipper from Jaccard just shines. But once you start using the Pig Tail, you will begin to realize how both fun and useful it is, and you will use it for so much more.

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  12. Kitchen Grips Chef's Gloves (Pair)

    Kitchen Grips Chef's Gloves (Pair)


    Why It's Cool: The protective, comfortable, flexible oven gloves that almost feel like you're not wearing gloves at all!

    I’m a little protective in the kitchen: of my space, of my clothing (although not as much as Kennedy sometimes thinks I should be), but most of all, of my hands. While burns in a professional kitchen are supposed to be a rite of passage (according to Anthony Bourdain), burns certainly don’t have to happen in a home kitchen. So that brings us to the various choices for protecting your hands while grabbing hot pots and pans.

    While there are many choices of form factors (potholders, fingertip grabbers, mitts, and gloves) in many fabrics (quilted cotton, asbestos, silicone, neoprene), I’ve always been a glove kinda gal. I love leather gloves when it’s cold, and I love oven gloves when I’m putting my hands into a very hot oven, or grabbing a hot pot. Gloves give me a sense of security to know that the back of my hand is protected, as well as my finger tips.

    And when it comes to oven gloves, we have a few other requirements, in addition to the basic (and crucial) #1: hand protection …

    • Flexibility: you need to be able to pick up dishes from the counter or oven rack without dropping them; as if they weren’t sizzling hot and your hand wasn’t encased in a glove
    • Comfort: you don’t want sweaty hands inside your gloves that will make you hate to wear them; and
    • Cleanliness: let’s face it, we will spill or slosh something on our gloves: it’s inevitable; so the key is - how easy are they to get clean again?
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  13. Kuchenprofi Dumpling Makers

    Kuchenprofi Dumpling Makers


    Out of stock

    Why It's Cool: Makes it easy to make and seal ravioli, empanadas, hand pies, etc.

    We were making a big deal dinner last weekend, and one of the highlight dishes was ravioli stuffed with a mixture of foie gras, chestnut puree and brandy, served with crispy duck confit and chives in a concentrated infused broth. We were very pleased with the way it turned out. But we were even more pleased with how easy it was to make.

    I love making ravioli as a special first course because the impressiveness to work ratio is great (very impressive, for not that much work), and we posted a Cool Tip about using wonton skins as the pasta. But this time the ravioli were even easier...

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  14. Lékué Egg Poacher (Set of 2)

    Lékué Egg Poacher (Set of 2)


    Why It's Cool: Poaches your egg in water, mimicking the traditional egg poaching method, while assuring consistent results with a minimum of fuss!

    Poached eggs are a true treat! When done right, they have a firm, but yielding, white around a molten rich yolk, with lots of protein and no extra fat, other than that which the egg contains. They’re wonderful by themselves, over toast, served hot on top of a cold dressed salad, on corned beef hash and, of course, for a real treat, as the centerpiece of eggs benedict.

    But as simple as a poached egg is in concept (egg and water, maybe with some supporting characters like a little vinegar and salt), it’s much more difficult in reality to make a consistently good poached egg. There are people who can do it au naturelle, but I, alas, am not one of them. And so, a tool to make really good poached eggs has become the Holy Grail of the kitchen tool industry, with varying levels of success...or not…. We’ve searched for years!

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  15. Norpro Mini Popover Pan

    Norpro Mini Popover Pan


    Why It's Cool: Make popovers for a crowd--12 at once with great non-stick properties!

    OK, I admit it, I’m late to the party--the “popover party”! I didn’t discover the wonder of popovers until relatively recently when a local Napa Valley restaurant featured them freshly made every half hour--you ordered them and waited (note: you should always wait for popovers, not the other way around!), and they would arrive hot, buttery, crispy on the outside and almost custardy tender on the inside. But the idea of tackling these myself never occurred to me… until recently.

    We have a potluck women's luncheon group, and this month had a gluten-free theme. Without remembering the theme, I volunteered to make homemade bread and butter...I have a killer bread recipe, and homemade butter is so much fun with the Butter Maker. Then it hit me that this had to be gluten-free. "Oh, fudge (polite version)", I cried, "what do I do now?" Well, thank goodness for the Internet! After rummaging around for awhile, I found a great starter recipe, added a few touches of my own, and, Voila! Gluten-Free Lemon Parmesan Popovers. And everybody at the lunch loved them!

    What I did learn in this process is that the key to a great popover is a great popover pan. You need the depth and straight sides of the cups, you need metal to transmit the heat for browning, and you need nonstick so you’re not trying to dig out these delicate airy treats while they deflate before your eyes. And, as far as I’m concerned, you have to be able to produce a sufficient quantity to serve them to company, and the popovers have to be the right size so you don’t overwhelm the rest of the meal.

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  16. OXO Dusting Wand

    OXO Dusting Wand


    Why It's Cool: Easy and fast solution for sprinkling: paprika on deviled eggs, cinnamon or cocoa on coffee, flour on dough, and powdered sugar on...just about anything!

    I’ve found that I love sprinkling: whether it’s paprika on deviled eggs, or cinnamon or cocoa on coffee, or flour on dough, or rub on meat, or powdered sugar on… almost anything. Now you can keep various shakers filled with each of these things, to be ready to sprinkle away. But I like to be a little more spontaneous: I may want to sprinkle powdered sugar in the morning, then some rub on steak or chicken in the evening, or some flour at various points during the day, all without having to have a bunch of pre-filled shakers cluttering my cabinets or drawers.

    That’s why we love the OXO Dusting Wand--it’s the Cool Tool for instant sprinkling gratification! And when baking, it’s so much more efficient than putting your hand into the canister to pick up and distribute usually too much flour onto your pastry mat.

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  17. Pasta Lover's Bundle

    Pasta Lover's Bundle


    From: $105.39

    To: $110.14

    Why It's Cool:

    Here are some unique and well-designed Cool Tools for the pasta lover's among us! Comes with the recipe for the very sexy pasta dish in the movie "Chef".

    The Pasta Lover's Bundle includes:

    • The Pasta ProKeeper: Why It's Cool: It not only stores the pasta, but measures it for th enumber of servings you want
    • Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker: Why It's Cool: Cooks pasta faster and easier with great results, using less energy and water, and with a bonus of starchier water to add to pasta sauce
    • Silicone Pasta Rake: Why It'sCool: Innovative shape and ribbed fingers do a great job of picking up and holding pasta
    • Garlic Slicer: Why It's Cool: Slices paper thin with an effective food hopper to protect your fingers!
    • Cheese Vault: Why It's Cool: There is no better way to store your fresh Parmesian cheese for quick access and great results
    • Dual V-Grater: Why It's Cool: Beautifully designed with 2 grating surfaces, stunningly effective, makes it easy to finish your dishes with a beautiful grating of fresh cheese
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  18. RSVP Endurance Pepper Corer

    RSVP Endurance Pepper Corer


    Why It's Cool: Effectively cleans out the innards of a pepper to make it ready for stuffing or dicing...and de-seeds other fruits and vegetables as well

    Peppers (chilis) of all kinds and heat levels add a lot of flavor and punch to almost any dish. In the summer, we devote an entire 16’ X 8’ bed (and more!) in our garden to growing them, and during the winter we buy what we can find (or use the ones we smoked and dried during the summer). In short we always try to keep them on hand, regardless of the season.

    But there is one thing that all peppers have in common: inside the body, the remaining seeds and ribs can create a sometimes unpleasant texture and level of heat. So what’s the best way to get rid of those seeds and ribs, whether it’s preparatory to dicing the chilis for salsa, or slicing them paper thin into everything: from eggs to stir fry? Our go-to tool for this is the Pepper Corer from RSVP.

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  19. RSVP Endurance Vintage Nut & Seed Toasting Pan

    RSVP Endurance Vintage Nut & Seed Toasting Pan


    Why It's Cool: Toaste nuts, seeds and spices quickly, and the mesh lid keeps them from escaping the pan!

    Pan-toasting brings out the wonderful flavors and aromas in spices, seeds and nuts: it transforms them from everyday ingredients into something almost ethereal, adding extra dimensions of flavor to dishes from many cuisines from around the world. We’ve pan-toasted these sorts of small ingredients for years. But pan-toasting like this requires a lot of shaking - to assure all-over/even toasting and to avoid burning the ingredients. And using a typical small open saute or fry pan will allow the ingredients to fly around and often escape out of your pan.

    A few years ago we were in NY visiting dear friends. They couldn’t wait to show us a great find: a small round pan with a snap-in mesh lid that you use to toast spices, seeds and nuts. They were even so wonderfully generous as to send us one for our kitchen. We loved it! The pan heated quickly to toast the spices in no time and the wonderful mesh lid solved the problem of escaping seeds and spices.

    Fade out, fade in …one of our favorite vendors, RSVP, offers an updated version of our friends’ earlier pan, but in beautiful stainless steel, with a nicely lockable mesh lid. We couldn’t wait to try it ...and we weren’t disappointed!

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  20. Salsa/Guacamole Lover's Bundle

    Salsa/Guacamole Lover's Bundle


    From: $92.01

    To: $125.25

    Why It's Cool:

    With New Year's celebrations fast approaching, and Super Bowl right around the corner, here's everything you need to make killer salsa, and if you want to turn that salsa into guacamole, we've got you covered there, too!

    Here's what's in the bundle:

    • Zip Slicer: Why It's Cool: Zips through a lot of small round things (grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc) in one quick movement... saves time with great results!
    • Big mouth ChopperWhy It's Cool: Perfect dices with just a hit
    • Pepper CorerWhy It's Cool: Effectively cleans out the innards of a pepper to make it ready for stuffing or dicing...and de-seeds other fruits and vegetables as well
    • Herb ScissorsWhy It's Cool: Chiffonade herbs (cut into thin strips) with ease
    • Citrus ReamerWhy It's Cool: Reams every last drop out of your citrus and measures it for your recipes
    • Silicone SpoonWhy It's Cool: Sturdy silicone flat-edged spoon that is comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at!
    • Avocado Tool (optional): Why It's Cool: Easiest, safest and most effective way to prepare an avocado
    • Salsabol (optional): Why It's Cool: Top lip puts your salsa firmly on your chip with no dripping
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