Gefu Primeline Carving / Seving Fork

Why It's Cool: Thin tines and sleek look make this carving and serving fork as pretty as it is functional.

Serving a beautiful roast is a celebration, but it can also be a challenge … you spend all the money, time, and effort to acquire the perfect piece of meat - in quality and size - and you trim it ‘just so’ to prepare the perfect outside. Then you season it with carefully chosen herbs and spices and cook it -  oven or sous-vide - to the just-below the desired interior temperature. And then you remove it from cooking and let it rest for the appropriate time: to allow internal cooking to continue and, in that process, to let the internal juices redistribute throughout the roast. 

So you don’t want to pierce that lovely outer crust too soon, or with too large a fork,: that will let too much juice leak out onto your cutting board, to become lost juicy deliciousness. When you finally begin the slicing and serving process, you want a very sharp knife and a very fine fork: the folks at GEFU have designed the perfect fork for both slicing and serving your roast.

The Primeline Serving Fork from GEFU is the perfect fork for precise carving and stylish, elegant service of your roast. Its ergonomic design is well balanced in the hand, featuring a 5”/12.7cm stainless steel and plastic handle (2¼”/5.7cm diameter), with an integrated “suspension outlet” for hanging. The very narrow, slightly curved tines are 3¾”/9.5cm long, with a narrow ⅝”/1.6cm opening at the tips. These features assure deep penetration for stable slicing (especially of larger roasts), and stable pickup and placement: from platter to plate. It works well in your kitchen or at your table, and it looks good doing it! It comes with a protective cap for the tines, for safe storage in your drawer, and it's dishwasher safe, for easy, thorough cleanup.

The Primeline Serving Fork from GEFU is a beautiful, highly functional piece: definitely a “Cool Tool”.


  • 12⅞”/26cm length / 2⅞”/2.5cm width 
  • Handle: 2¼”/5.7cm diameter
  • Heat Resistant to 482⁰F/250⁰C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • German Design by Invivo Industrial Design
  • Manufacturer's 5 Year Guarantee
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