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  1. Nuance Hot Guard
    Nuance Hot Guard
    Why It's Cool: Sleek stainless steel design with a dual function: heat your food and protect your table.
    We all need trivets for handling or serving any hot dish: to protect your countertops or your dining table. If you have ever forgotten to use one, then you’ve never...
    Special Price $25.00 Regular Price $49.95
  2. Erik Bagger Stainless Steel Nut and Olive Spoon Set
    Erik Bagger Stainless Steel Nut and Olive Spoon Set (Serving Spoons)
    Why It's Cool: Stylish and functional way to prevent the spread of germs in shared food.
    We’re not germaphobes, but there seems to be a concern these days that germs spread all too easily. We now sneeze into our elbows and try to remember to sanitize our hands....
    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $30.50
  3. AdHoc "Tutto" Pump Oil / Vinegar Sprayer
    AdHoc "Tutto" Pump Oil / Vinegar Sprayer
    Why It's Cool: Beautiful European design, sprays a beautiful fine mist
    Occasionally life hands you lemonade when you thought you only had lemons … right? When we started testing oil pump spray bottles, we looked at several and, after testing,...
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $24.99
  4. Nuance Multiforks (Set of 4)
    Nuance Multiforks (Set of 4)
    Why It's Cool: Great for serving tapas or salumi
    Almost every kind of hors d’oeuvres - from simple chunks of cheese or sausage slices, to olives, shrimp, meatballs, or almost any form of tapas - needs some kind of tool...
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
  5. Nuance Basting Brush
    Nuance Silicone Brush
    Why It's Cool: Silicone bristles can handle any heat up to 572°F, handle is ergonomatically shaped, and it's beautiful!
    Remember back awhile ago we promised that we would have a silicone basting brush on the site? Well we’ve been looking around and testing various brushes for both great...
    Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $19.95
  6. Nuance Mortar & Pestle
    Nuance Mortar & Pestle
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Beautiful, comfortable, effective
    Every kitchen needs a mortar & pestle, to grind those dried herbs and spices, crush garlic and basil and other firm or semi-dry ingredients for pesto and other sauce bases,...
    Special Price $65.00 Regular Price $79.99
  7. RSVP Endurance Vintage Nut & Seed Toasting Pan
    RSVP Endurance Vintage Nut & Seed Toasting Pan
    Why It's Cool: Toast nuts, seeds and spices quickly, and the mesh lid keeps them from escaping the pan!
    Pan-toasting brings out the wonderful flavors and aromas in spices, seeds and nuts: it transforms them from everyday ingredients into something almost ethereal, adding extra...
  8. Charles Viancin Wine Bottle Stopper
    Charles Viancin Wine Bottle Stopper
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Whimsical, beautiful wine bottle stopper that works with the Wine Preserver to keep your wine fresh for days
    One of the most often-asked questions is: “how can I most effectively preserve that open bottle of wine?” After much testing, and if you're not willing to buy one of these big...
    As low as $3.00
  9. Cherry Blossom
    Charles Viancin Value Sets
    Why It's Cool: Use instead of plastic wrap for a better seal and greener kitchen...and it's oven safe...and now at an outstanding price!
    We all love Charles Viancin silicone lids: they’re beautiful, they’re useful, they’re effective, and they’re wonderful to own and to give as gifts. In addition, they’re...
    Special Price $39.99 Regular Price $48.00
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