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  1. Progressive Guacamole ProKeeper
    Progressive Guacamole ProKeeper
    Why It's Cool: Make your guacamole early; enjoy it for days!
    Among the pantheon of “holy grails” in the housewares industry (can there be more than one “holy grail”?) is the search for something that can keep guacamole fresh looking...
  2. Tovolo Silicone Mini Tongs
    Tovolo Silicone Mini Tongs
    Why It's Cool: Silicone tongs to protect your cookware, a big versitility in a small package!
    Tongs are an extension of your fingers: it’s the way to pick up or move pieces of food that would be too hot to touch (or these days, unsanitary to touch) with your fingers....
    As low as $7.99
  3. RSVP NonStick Scrubber
    RSVP NonStick Scrubber
    Why It's Cool: Won't scratch your cookware, great flexability, and enough oomph to do the job!
    Cleaning up is probably the least fun part of cooking, but unfortunately, it’s a necessity. So are there Cool Tools that make this easier or less unpleasant? We’ve tested...
  4. RSVP Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cups (Set of 7)
    RSVP Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cups (Set of 7)
    Why It's Cool: All the good sizes in a set of 7 18/8 SS dry measuring cups
    As we stated in our Cool Tip: There is a Difference, you really do measure wet and dry ingredients differently.  Wet ingredients will find their own level in a measuring cup,...
  5. The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    Why It's Cool: Cuts cheese cleanly without sticking, especially in large block formats
    The original Cheese Knife was a great surprise for us … a very Cool Tool: beautiful mid-20th Century American industrial design, with a clean functional purpose, that performs...
    As low as $21.99
  6. blomus "Splash" Water Carafe
    blomus "Splash" Water Carafe
    Why It's Cool: A stylish and easy way to serve infused water, withut the mess!
    Drinking ‘plenty of fluids’ is always a healthy thing to do, especially in these crazy times. The health benefits are numerous - see a partial list below - but we know from...
    As low as $31.60
  7. blomus Delara Bread Baskets
    blomus Delara Bread Baskets
    Why It's Cool: Sleek, attractive baskets for all your bread, cracker, muffin, etc. needs
    Whenever you’re planning to serve ‘bread’ at any meal - from baguettes to biscuits, muffins, toast, croissants, crackers, crostini or cookies - you’re always searching...
    As low as $29.50
  8. blomus Tea-Jay Iced Tea Maker
    blomus Tea-Jay Iced Tea Maker
    Why It's Cool: The classiest and easiest way to make fresh-brewed iced tea--and create a great show in the process
    Iced tea is a beverage of choice almost anytime: it’s much more interesting than plain water, it’s often a better choice than wine and it’s always a better choice than...
  9. Franmara Dynamo Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew (Wine Opener)
    Franmara Dynamo Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew (Wine Opener)
    Why It's Cool: Take the stress out of opening a bottle of wine--and look very cool doing it!
    Love wine? So do we, but opening a bottle of wine, can sometimes be challenging. Whether it’s centering the corkscrew on the cork or a result of repetitive stress injuries - or...
  10. Norpro Stainless Steel Wine Funnel with Mesh Screen
    Norpro Stainless Steel Wine Funnel with Mesh Screen
    Why It's Cool: A great wine tool for both aeration and filtering, but it does so much more...
    Everyone needs and has funnels. They’re useful for filling containers without spilling. But they have other uses as well. One important function is to both aerate the wine as...
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