The Essential Kitchen

We thought it might be helpful to group our Cool Tools in categories that reflect their role in the meal creation process. So here is our attempt to be helpful:

  1. Prep: These are the tools that are your workhorses, and the ones that most take the place of a sous-chef. These Cool Tools help you prepare your ingredients to be cooked. In finding Cool Tools for food prep, functionality, time saving and ease of use are the most important things we look for. Each and every one of these does its job particularly well and takes your food prep from drudgery to fun (well, almost!) When we finally carry knives, they will fit in this section.
  2. Cooking: These are the Cool Tools that you actually use during the cooking process; that means they have to be easy to use, handy to pick up, and work well without thinking about it, because your focus should be on the food--these Cool Tools take a supporting role.
  3. Serving: These are the Cool Tools that take your meal from the kitchen to the table, and make it easy and beautiful to serve your food.
  4. Entertaining: These are all the Cool Tools that are part of your entertaining repertoire and make the event easy for you and memorable for your guests.
  5. Storage: When the meal is over, what do you do with all those leftover bits? These Cool Tools will help.
  6. Miscellaneous: These are some more Cool Tools that we love, but they didn't fit neatly into one of the other categories.
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  1. Gefu Primeline Carving / Seving Fork
    Gefu Primeline Carving / Seving Fork
    Why It's Cool: Thin tines and sleek look make this carving and serving fork as pretty as it is functional.
    Serving a beautiful roast is a celebration, but it can also be a challenge … you spend all the money, time, and effort to acquire the perfect piece of meat - in quality and size...
  2. GEFU Primeline (Fish, etc.) Turner
    GEFU Primeline (Fish, etc.) Turner
    Why It's Cool: At last: the perfect turner! The silicone edge makes it usable in non-stick pans, while the flexibility of the fish turner design makes it easy to slide under your food.
    The ‘basic’ turner - or ‘spatula’ - presents several issues, especially if you use non-stick or coated pans. Many have single-piece blades, either rigid or semi-rigid,...
  3. Norpro Stainless Steel Herb and Kale Stripper and Chopper
    Norpro Stainless Steel Herb and Kale Stripper and Chopper
    Why It's Cool: Not only does this strip all different kinds of herbs and kale, it has a blade to chop them as well.
    OK - you know you love the special flavors that herbs can add to a variety of dishes. But the ‘dried’ stuff in bottles doesn’t deliver the punch you want, and the effort of...
  4. fusionbrands GoHook
    fusionbrands GoHook
    Why It's Cool: Hooks on to anything...holds everything!
    Ever wish you had a third hand? … Something close to you that you can use to hold onto something you need on a moment’s notice. Maybe it’s a dish towel in the kitchen, or a...
    As low as $6.99
  5. Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Bottles by IPAC
    Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Bottles by IPAC
    Why It's Cool: Strikingly beautiful olive oil bottles for kitchen or dining table
    We always look for kitchen tools that are high design, high functionality, but sometimes we see something that blows us away. When we were walking the show in Chicago last month,...
    As low as $22.20
  6. fusionbrands Silicone WaveSponge
    fusionbrands Silicone WaveSponge
    Why It's Cool: A great multi-functional cleaning tool for all your pots and pans
    We’ll start this review from a 180⁰ perspective: instead of discussing tasks that need to be performed in your kitchen, and concluding with ‘why this Tool is a...
    As low as $9.99
  7. fusionbrands Thumb Scraper (Pack of 2)
    fusionbrands Thumb Scraper (Pack of 2)
    Why It's Cool: Scrapes off the stuff you want to get rid of while saving your nails and the surface you're scraping.
    One of life’s minor but irritating problems is removing things that are stuck on, off. Like labels or price stickers on new purchases, or those pesky plastic safety seal...
  8. Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Why It's Cool: Easily cuts round things (fruits or vegetables) into quarters or eigths, without risk to life or limb
    One of the most difficult categories of things to cut a lot of are round things. Think about it: Brussels sprouts, carrots, small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers,...
  9. Tovolo Flipping Flex Turner
    Tovolo Flipping Flex Turner
    Why It's Cool: Thin nylon blade, comfortable offset handle and high heat resistance make this the perfect Cool Tool for your nonstick saute pan
    Most of us have some “nonstick” pans that we love because they’re convenient to use and easy to cleanup. And while there are a variety of coatings to choose from, all...
    As low as $5.99
  10. Tovolo Olive Wood Tools
    Tovolo Olive Wood Tools
    Why It's Cool: Beautiful natural wood tools that won't scratch your pots and pans in useful shapes with comfotable handles
    The natural beauty of olive wood tools just make you feel good using them in the kitchen--it’s a back-to-nature kind of thing. And they’re also good for your pots and pans and...
    As low as $4.99
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