GEFU Primeline (Fish, etc.) Turner

Why It's Cool: At last: the perfect turner! The silicone edge makes it usable in non-stick pans, while the flexibility of the fish turner design makes it easy to slide under your food.

The ‘basic’ turner - or ‘spatula’ - presents several issues, especially if you use non-stick or coated pans. Many have single-piece blades, either rigid or semi-rigid, metal or silicone, that make turning a task more difficult than it has to be. The ‘closed blade’ models also pickup a lot of your saute oil or butter: leaving your product oily and ‘greasy’ and compelling you to add more oil mid-cooking, waiting for it to warm through, while the first already-sauteed batch gets cold. So you try a classic ‘fish turner’, but most of those are all-metal, which will scratch your coated non-stick pans. No more! The folks at GEFU have designed a Turner that addresses these problems...

The Primeline Turner from GEFU puts curved silicone onto the leading edge of a classic open-bladed ‘fish turner’ body, to deliver the safety and convenience of silicone for non-stick pans, with the flexible ‘drainability’ of a fish turner. This enables easy pickup of larger than average amounts while avoiding pickup of too much oil. And the bottom of the leading edge has small indentations in the silicone that will allow air and oil to flow under the Turner, to help release your food from the pan.

Sauteing fish - especially salmon - with the skin-on in a non-stick pan allows you to avoid over-cooking while achieving maximum flavor. The GEFU Turner assures confident turning at the right moment and makes skin removal before service - using the Turner between the skin and the cooked flesh - a much simpler task. 

We start a lot of sauteed dishes with a base of almost crisp sauteed garlic, adding the ‘main element’ on top of the sauteed garlic. So we need to be able to turn large areas of the pan, in order to assure maximum results. Sliding the semi-flexible, slightly-curved silicone-coated edge of the GEFU Turner under the layers to be turned makes a thorough, quicker run of this task. And as a basic ‘flipper’ for pancakes and such, the Turner can’t be beaten!

It’s high-grade stainless steel, with a silicone ‘leading edge’ and a plastic tip on the ergonomically-formed handle, which also contains an integrated ‘suspension outlet’ for hanging. And it’s dishwasher safe for thorough cleanup.

Great design, well-balanced, with efficient functionality that I’ve been looking for, for years - this is definitely a Cool Tool!


  • Stainless Steel, Plastic and Silicone
  • 12⅜”/31.5cm L, 3⅛”/8.8cm W  
  • Heat Resistant to 482⁰F/250⁰C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • German Design by Invivo Industrial Design
  • Manufacturer's 5 Year Guarantee
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