For the Wine Lover

Wine is a perfect way to celebrate, and commemorate, Fathers’ Day we've got something for each step along the wine-enjoyment process, and at almost every price point...

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  1. OXO Steel Lever Corkscrew (Wine Opener)
    OXO Steel Lever Corkscrew (Wine Opener)
    Why It's Cool: Easy, effective cork removal with a built-in foil cutter
    We are on a continuous hunt for the best way to open a bottle of wine. We want something easy to use, effective and convenient, with a nice design, because it lives on the counter...
  2. Final Touch Decanter Dryer
    Final Touch Decanter Dryer
    Why It's Cool: Sleek stainless steel, with a base that catches drips and a removable rod for easy storage
    Sometimes you just need a thin long rigid thing with a soft tip that sticks straight up. (OK, I don’t know where your minds are going, but I’m talking about a decanter...
  3. govino WIne "Glasses"
    govino WIne "Glasses"
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: The convenience of a non-breakable wine glass with the taste and clarity qualities of fine stemware--now available in dishwasher safe!
    There are some products that are so much a part of your life that you take them for granted. That’s the case for us with the fabulous govino wine “glasses”. In...
    As low as $9.99
  4. Franmara Cork Retriever
    Franmara Cork Retriever
    Why It's Cool: It just works, and pulls that cork right out of the bottle.
    There is an all-too common problem that arises when you drink a lot of wine: when you are trying to pull the cork, you push it - some or all of it -  into the bottle. We find...
  5. AdHoc Champ Champagne Stopper
    023 AdHoc "Champ" Champagne Stopper
    Why It's Cool: Preserves the bubbles, looks great, takes up very little space in the drawer or fridge
    There are at least 2 major issues with Champagne stoppers: they take up too much space on your refrigerator shelf and in your drawer and they’re awkward to use. Often they...
  6. blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    178 blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    Why It's Cool: Adds filtering and aeration to a beautiful 1.5L carafe
    Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are other...
  7. Nuance Wine Finer
    Nuance Wine Finer
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Aerates and filters, and you don't need two hands to use it
    To paraphrase Superman: Look at that thing in your bottle: It’s a pourer, it’s an aerator, it’s a filter... (OK, enough of that!)  This is one of the...
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