Nuance Wine Finer

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Why It's Cool: Aerates and filters, and you don't need two hands to use it

To paraphrase Superman: Look at that thing in your bottle: It’s a pourer, it’s an aerator, it’s a filter... (OK, enough of that!)  This is one of the most versatile and handy wine tools around.  If you have an old wine, this filters out the sediment; if you have a young wine, this aerates it to bring out the aromas and flavors, and if your wine is “just right”, this is a terrific pourer that reduces drips and spills.  What more could you want...?

Now, this beautiful ‘pourspout’ from Nuance - designed by Marcus Vagnby - addresses both problems, in a lovely, highly effective combination.  You insert the Wine Finer into the neck of the wine bottle and gently twist the ABS rubber body to seat the spout in the bottle: no drips, leaks or spills like those rollup foil things or other plastic pourers. One handed pouring is easy! And you can use it as a stopper if you don’t finish the bottle!

For young wines, simply pour and enjoy the effect of the aeration accomplished through the small holes in the narrow part of the spout.  No more gurgling, hissing, splashing, or spilling like those other aerator products.  And you can accomplish all this with only one hand.

For older wines, pay particular attention to orient the pouring edge of the spout opposite to the sediment you may see on the inside of the bottle.  Then pour and observe that the sediment is blocked by the fine stainless steel screen inside the small holes in the spout. If there is a lot of sediment and the holes get blocked, then simply rotate the bottle a little to ‘rinse’ the sediment off the holes. After using, simply rinse and dry!

This is a great tool: simple, elegant design, and highly effective … an original Cool Tool! It fits easily in a pocket or winebag, and takes up very little space on your drawer. And it makes a beautiful gift for your wine friends.

ABS Rubber and Stainless Steel - hand wash
Dimensions: 7”L x 1”W - at the top of the spout

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