KnappMade Fine Chainmail Dishcloth™ (for Wine Decantors and Pots and Pans)

Why It's Cool: Fine stainless steel mesh is an elegant, effective and safe way to clean your decanters and your finest pots and pans

Chain mail isn’t just for battles anymore (at least not the kind on horseback)!

Clean-up is the dirty little downside of cooking; and some clean-up jobs are worse than others. One of our recent messes was when I put too little water in the pot in which I steamed some artichokes. Well, the water disappeared, and the pot looked pretty grim. Kennedy is of the “leave it soak” persuasion, so the pot sat overnight with some water and baking soda, but that really didn’t accomplish much. We had just tried a piece of fine chain mail in a wine decanter to remove dried red wine (we had seen a similar product at a trade show for more than 2.5 times the price) and it worked great! So we figured: “let’s see what else this wonder can do”. Wow! In almost no time, with relatively little effort, our stainless steel pot was restored, looking almost like new!

The Chainmail Dishcloth™ from KnappMade is a little wonder! At 5” x 7” (13cm x 18cm) and comprised of 3,753 separate stainless steel rings (each approximately ⅛”/3mm diameter), it has a very flexible, silky texture, while being incredibly strong. You can use it alone on your finest non-coated pots and pans, wrap it around a sponge to give it a little more heft, or use with a little warm water and soap swirled inside a dried-wine-coated decanter. Then just rinse the Dishcloth, or put it in the dishwasher, and hang it to dry, using the larger ring on one corner of the Dishcloth.

The Chainmail Dishcloth comes with the KnappMade Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, so buy it once, and never buy it again, except as gifts for your envious and soon-to-be very appreciative friends and family! This is truly a Cool Tool!


  • Food Service Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel   
  • 5” X 7” (13cm x 18cm), consisting of 3,753 rings (each approximately ⅛”/3mm diameter)
  • Patent Protected       
  • KnappMade Lifetime Replacement Guarantee                    
  • Helps Your Best Crystal and Cookware Last a Lifetime
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