Great Gifts over $50

Here are some wonderful gifts over $50 to pamper your friends and family!

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  1. Gefu "Tartufolo" Truffle Shaver
    Gefu "Tartufolo" Truffle Shaver
    Why It's Cool: Adjustable sharp blade cuts very well—Chef Ken Frank's favorite
    When Chef Ken Frank found out we were offering products from Gefu, he asked if we could get the Tartufolo Shaver because, as he points out in this video, this slicer from Gefu...
  2. Gefu Food Mill
    Gefu Food Mill
    Why It's Cool: 2 design features that make this more efficient: arm that sweeps the food off the bottom of the mill and blade that moves food into processing area
    Even with all the high tech and electronic innovations in the kitchen, the food mill continues to be one of the great kitchen multi-taskers. It’s part sieve and part food...
  3. Herb Assortment
    Four Seasons Table Art Napkin RIngs
    Why It's Cool: Simply beautiful
    Every meal begins in the kitchen ...with basic herbs and spices and all the flavors you bring to each dish. And then it moves to table, where you savor those flavors and,...
  4. blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    Why It's Cool: Adds filtering and aeration to a beautiful 1.5L carafe
    Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are...
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $71.99
  5. Nuance Mortar & Pestle
    Nuance Mortar & Pestle
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Beautiful, comfortable, effective
    Every kitchen needs a mortar & pestle, to grind those dried herbs and spices, crush garlic and basil and other firm or semi-dry ingredients for pesto and other sauce bases,...
    Special Price $65.00 Regular Price $79.99
  6. GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press
    GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press
    Why It's Cool: Beautifully silky smooth riced potatoes with much less effort
    Ahhh potatoes, that much maligned but often secretly enjoyed staff of life that adds so much to any meal. And while there are any number of ways to prepare a potato (or sweet...
  7. Professional
    Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpeners
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Stylish, easy and incredibly effective knife sharpeners
    Sharpening your knives is an everyday task for everyone who cooks … but it’s often both a pain and a problem: are you doing it correctly? Is what you’re doing...
  8. Winterberry Big Bundle $76
    Charles Viancin Big Bundles
    Why It's Cool: Great assortment of sizes of Charles Viancin a savings
    Why buy just one Charles Viancin Lid when you can get a whole bundle a savings. In the “$50 and over” category we have some very cool bundles available that will...
  9. Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew
    Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew (Wine Opener)
    Why It's Cool: Easy and comfortable to use and beautiful to look at
    At some point, we all learned to love, and to rely upon, the once-new ratchet-style corkscrew: with a firm grip and a down-stroke, the corkscrew - or “worm” - penetrated...
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