We've put together some bundles to create an awesome gift for a foodie friend!
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  1. Cheese Lover's Bundle
    Cheese Lover's Bundle
    Here's a fun gift for the cheese lovers on your list. It includes an assortment of wonderful Cool Tools to store and serve your cheese to perfection, and comes complete with a...

    As low as $81.61 Regular Price $85.91

  2. Wine Preserver Bundle
    Wine Preserver Bundle
    Why It's Cool: Lays a “blanket” of inert gas over your wine to keep it fresh & tasty for days after it's opened, then the stoppers keep the gas in and look great
    OK ...there are times when you want to stop short of finishing that open bottle of wine: you’re trying to cut back on consumption, you have more than one bottle open, you...
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $16.00
  3. Salsa/Guacamole Lover's Bundle
    Salsa/Guacamole Lover's Bundle
    With New Year's celebrations fast approaching, and Super Bowl right around the corner, here's everything you need to make killer salsa, and if you want to turn that salsa into...

    From $96.76 Regular Price $101.85

    To $130.00 Regular Price $136.84

  4. Pasta Lover's Bundle
    Pasta Lover's Bundle
    Here are some unique and well-designed Cool Tools for the pasta lover's among us! Comes with the recipe for the very sexy pasta dish in the movie "Chef". The Pasta Lover's Bundle...

    From $105.39 Regular Price $110.94

    To $110.14 Regular Price $115.94

  5. The Baker's Bundle
    The Baker's Bundle
    Here's a great set of Cool Tools for those who bake with love! The Baker's Bundle includes: Swift Sift: Why It's Cool: Fast, efficient, and very tidy; compact and so well...
    $86.31 Regular Price $90.85
  6. Wine Lover's Bundle
    Wine Lover's Bundle
    Here's one for your wine loving friends--a set of wine Cool Tools that will enhance any wine party. Here's what's included in the Wine Bundle: Stainless Steel Champagne...

    From $97.35 Regular Price $102.47

    To $147.71 Regular Price $155.46

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