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  1. The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    Why It's Cool: Cuts cheese cleanly without sticking, especially in large block formats
    The original Cheese Knife was a great surprise for us … a very Cool Tool: beautiful mid-20th Century American industrial design, with a clean functional purpose, that performs...
    As low as $21.99
  2. Charles Viancin Value Set of Lids
    Charles Viancin Value Set of Lids
    Why It's Cool: Use instead of plastic wrap for a better seal and greener kitchen...and it's oven safe...and now at an outstanding price!
    We all love Charles Viancin silicone lids: they’re beautiful, they’re useful, they’re effective, and they’re wonderful to own and to give as gifts. In addition, they’re...
    As low as $40.00
  3. KitchenIQ The Better Zester
    KitchenIQ The Better Zester
    Why It's Cool: Smoother zesting, catches and measures zest, then scrapes it off back
    When something is called “The Better Zester”, your first reaction is that this must be giant sized braggadocio--at least that was my reaction … until I tried it.  It is a...
    As low as $14.99
  4. 105 Architec The Recipe Rock
    105 Architec The Recipe Rock
    Why It's Cool: Holds a recipe sheet or card off the counter and at a great angle
    With more of us printing recipes off the internet (maybe even some from Colbrook Kitchen!), someone had to come up with an elegant solution for getting the recipe off the counter...
  5. Gefu Adjustable Handheld V-Blade Mandoline Slicer
    Gefu Adjustable Handheld V-Blade Mandoline Slicer
    Why It's Cool: Compact size, wonderful slicing capability
    As you may know, one of the key criteria when selecting a Cool Tool is that it is a home cook's substitute for a sous chef (chefs have sous chefs; home cooks have Cool Tools!). In...
  6. OXO Garlic (and stuff) Slicer
    OXO Garlic (and stuff) Slicer
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Slices paper thin with an effective food hopper to protect your fingers!
    Two of the greatest flavor additions to almost any savory dish are garlic and ginger - fresh of course! We love these ingredients, and have found some wonderful Cool Tools over...
  7. Professional
    347 Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpeners
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Stylish, easy and incredibly effective knife sharpeners
    Sharpening your knives is an everyday task for everyone who cooks … but it’s often both a pain and a problem: are you doing it correctly? Is what you’re doing effective, or...
    As low as $119.00
  8. Photo courtesy of Laudie Freed
    Colbrook Kitchen Picnic on the go!
    Why It's Cool: Makes you ready to picnic, any time, any where--everything you need but the bread, wine and cheese!
    Picture this: you're driving down a beautiful country road, it’s about noon, and you see a wonderful little country store, with wine, a variety of sausages, maybe some beautiful...
  9. Bespoke Bitters Kit
    Colbrook Kitchen Bespoke Bitters Kit
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Coolest gift of the season! Craft your own bitters with minimal effort and maximal results!
    For years we have loved bitters: both as an essential and wonderful additive to many cocktails and, when mixed with soda, to make us feel better when we’ve over-indulged with...
    As low as $14.99
  10. Kyocera Hand-held Ceramic Slicers
    Kyocera Hand-held Ceramic Slicers
    80% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Easy, smooth, fast slicers that just work perfectly!
    You know how there are just some tools that you reach for time after time, because they are so useful; as a matter of fact, they rarely see the inside of the drawer, because...
    As low as $5.00
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