OXO Garlic (and stuff) Slicer

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Why It's Cool: Slices paper thin with an effective food hopper to protect your fingers!

Two of the greatest flavor additions to almost any savory dish are garlic and ginger - fresh of course! We love these ingredients, and have found some wonderful Cool Tools over the years that make them so much easier to use: the Garlic Rocker for extruding pieces of garlic (or ginger (thanks, Susie, for that suggestion, you get an extra 100 Cooks’ Club Points) that turn into flavorful crunchy bits in the skillet, the Garlic Cube that creates either tiny dice of garlic or uniform slices, perfect for longer cooking (and this works wonderfully to make tiny dice of ginger and hot chilies as well), and the Ginger Tool, the ultimate ginger processor that makes perfectly grated ginger, as well as ginger slices, with containers incorporated in the tool to capture all the ginger goodness. But we hadn’t yet found anything that met our standards to make paper thin slices of garlic, that literally melt into your dish, without risking cutting our fingers...until now!

The new OXO Garlic Slicer is a winner on so many levels. First, it has a very sharp double-edged blade, so you slice garlic going in both directions (saving you half the time and effort!).  Second, you put the garlic into a food-holding chamber with a fitted pusher, so your fingers are safely far away from the blade, while you push down to keep the garlic up close and personal with the blade, for effective and even cutting. Third, the textured ramp prevents the garlic from sticking as you slide the chamber back and forth. And the slide mechanism features a stop at the end that prevents the chamber from flying off the ramp, enabling you to maintain control. Finally, it’s a multi-tasker: you can use it on any small food...think a knob of ginger or small radishes, just to suggest a few.

We’ve tried a number of similar designs in metal, but garlic sticks to the ramp, the blade gets gummy and sticky, the blades weren’t sharp enough for fine, repetitive work, and they just never worked well. And other slicers must be used with extra care, because your fingers are exposed to the blade. This Garlic Slicer is the triumph of hope (and great design) over experience: it works like a dream...it’s dishwasher safe...and the price is very reasonable.

This is not only a Cool Tool: it’s addictive! We’re using more garlic and ginger than ever before: the uniformly paper-thin slices produced by this Garlic Slicer are perfect on pizza, in soup, or in any dish that doesn’t cook very long, where bigger pieces of garlic would be too much. And this Garlic Slicer takes up very little room in your drawer: the food holder snaps horizontally over blade and the plunger nests inside food holder for safe, compact storage. We can’t say enough good things about this new Garlic (and a lot more) Slicer!


  • Dimensions: 9"/23cm x 2"/5cm x 2"/5cm
  • Bi-directional stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • Can be used on garlic, ginger, small radishes and more
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