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Why It's Cool: Smart canisters: each one has its own special features that make it incredibly useful

Most storage containers are nothing to get excited about. You want them to be functional (hold what they are meant to contain) and pretty unobtrusive. You may buy them once and never think about it again. But… there are differences and advancements in design and other features that can elevate the humble storage container to a full fledged Cool Tool. We’ve just run across a group that fall squarely in that category!

The Prokeeper series from Progressive is so incredibly well-thought-out, that you know it was influenced by people who actually cooked: people who encountered the issues and frustrations that are so common to all of us.

Each of these containers has a silicone seal for airtight storage, which is really important when unwanted visitors (weevils, ants, etc.) come calling. Each container, except the Coffee Prokeeper and the Mini, is marked with measurements along the side that you can actually read. Each container has a lid that hinges all the way back so that it is out of the way both in use and in the dishwasher - but is still attached so it doesn’t get lost. But what is really remarkable about this line is that each container has special features specifically designed for its intended use.

Let’s start with the Sugar Prokeeper. At 2.5 quarts, it holds a 4-pound bag of sugar. The key features for this container are the flip-to-pour silicone-sealed spout and the contoured body, which combine to make one-handed pouring into your measuring cup dead easy. But if you prefer to scoop, there’s plenty of room for that as well.

The Brown Sugar Prokeeper has a 1.5 quart capacity to easily hold a 2-pound bag of brown sugar. Most significantly, it tackles and solves the problem of dried-out hard brown sugar (don’t you hate that!?) with a terra cotta disk that mounts on the lid. Just soak the disk in water and snap it into the lid: the moisture it gives off keeps your brown sugar soft and pliable (i.e. usable)!

The Coffee Prokeeper is also 1.5 quarts and is made of tinted UV-blocking plastic to preserve the flavor of coffee beans or grounds. The included 1 Tbsp (15 ml) scoop stores conveniently inside the lid.

The Powdered Sugar Prokeeper has a 1.4 quart capacity, which holds a 1 pound bag of powdered sugar. The features on this container are some of our favorites: it has both a leveler that snaps into either the sides (for use) or the lid (for storage) and a dusting spoon to scoop up the powdered sugar and then, when you close the cover and tap the spoon, release a dusting of powdered sugar through the perforations. We tested it (of course), and it works really well.

The Deli Prokeeper is perfectly sized to store meats, cheeses or bacon,  has ridges on the bottom to keep the meat away from any juices, and seals securely. It also stacks, so you may want several!

The Pasta ProKeeper has a sliding lid that measures pasta for 1, 2 or 3 servings, a unique U-shape that funnels the pasta to the measuring opening and is tall enough to hold almost any pasta.

Last, but not least, is the Mini Prokeeper. It holds 1.5 cup of whatever you want (bulk spices or herbs, rubs or just about anything small and inanimate that you need to contain). The 2 great features in this container are a built-in, but removable, leveler to make measuring your spices very easy, and a slide over dusting screen so you can choose to scoop or sprinkle without the risk of breaking your nails by trying to remove those tight dusting caps on most spice bottles. Our current favorite use for it is to mix up a batch or two of our rub for BarBQ Ribs and store it in the Mini… it stays fresh, and when we want to put the rub on the ribs, all we do is slide the dusting screen over and shake it on.

Yes, the once humble containers, improved with the ingenuity of Progressive, has been elevated to the status of Cool Tools!


  • Capacity...
    • Sugar: 2.5 qt / 2.75 L
    • Brown Sugar: 1.5 qt / 1.65 L
    • Coffee: 1.5 qt / 1.65 L
    • Powdered Sugar: 1.4 qt / 1.54 L
    • Deli 11.75"/45cm L x 7.25"/18.5cm W x 2.25"/5.75cm
    • Pasta; 2.4 qt / 2.64L
    • Mini: 1.5 cup / 355 ml
  • Silicone seal for airtight storage
  • Hinged lid flips to easily fit in the dishwasher
  • Materials: ABS, PP, SAN, Silicone and Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Patent pending
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