Capabunga Cheese Vault

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Why It's Cool: Convenient effective way to store cheese that keeps it handy and protected

Cheese is one of our favorite “food groups” … and we love cheese in all forms … except spoiled. But we invariably buy more than we consume, so the eternal corollary question is about storage: how do you best store the remaining pieces before they spoil? There are many considerations here. Since most of it comes from the store wrapped in plastic wrap, that should be an appropriate technique … but it isn’t! And we’ve tried every other variation: zip-lock bags, vacuum-sealed bags, parchment paper, wax paper, and more. But cheese needs to breathe to avoid spoilage and none of these approaches allow that to happen, as nature requires! We sell the Formaticum Cheese Wraps, in sheets and in bags, but even this two-layered paper can be difficult to use in some circumstances and not easy to organize neatly in your refrigerator. What to do?

Enter … The Cheese Vault, from our friends at Capabunga!

The Cheese Vault has literally changed our lives! It is absolutely simple now to reach into the refrigerator to grab the Cheese Vault with the fresh parmesan and top everything with a fresh grating of Parmesan.

The Cheese Vault is simple basic design: a rectangular box, made of food grade silicone, with a slotted floor to allow excess moisture to drip away, while keeping the cheese above the moisture, or to allow for adding a little moisture (water or wine) to maintain drier cheeses as they age and (would) dry out. There is an adjustable partition to allow storage of 2 different cheeses in the same Vault - without flavor cross-contamination - and a rabbeted lid that firmly seats into the top of the Vault for a stable effective closure. The rectangular shape allows for easy stacking in your refrigerator. And the polished end of the Vault allows for erasable labeling: write the name and date to remind you what’s inside and when you put it into the Vault, and then wash and re-label for the next cheese(s)! The dimensions of the Cheese Vault allow both a good amount of storage and easy access. We offer three colors, for maximum versatility with minimal confusion. And, of course, it’s dishwasher safe!

The Cheese Vault is an essential Cool Tool: a beautiful, simple design that performs its functions exceptionally well. If you are cheese fans like us, then you will want more than one for yourself, and several more to give as gifts to like-minded friends and family!


  • Dimensions: 6”/15.25cm  x 4”/10cm  x 3½”/9cm
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Available in 3 colors: “Butter” Yellow, “Biscuit” Cream, and “Terra Cotta” Red
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