For Someone who Loves to Entertain

Here are some Cool Tools for the friend who always entertains with great style!

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  1. Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Decanters
    Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Decanters
    Why It's Cool: Strikingly beautiful olive oil decanters for kitchen or dining table
    We always look for kitchen tools that are high design, high functionality, but sometimes we see something that blows us away. When we were walking the show in Chicago last month,...
    As low as $22.20
  2. fusionbrands Thumb Scraper (Pack of 2)
    fusionbrands Thumb Scraper (Pack of 2)
    Why It's Cool: Scrapes off the stuff you want to get rid of while saving your nails and the surface you're scraping.
    One of life’s minor but irritating problems is removing things that are stuck on, off. Like labels or price stickers on new purchases, or those pesky plastic safety seal...
  3. Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Why It's Cool: Easily cuts round things (fruits or vegetables) into quarters or eigths, without risk to life or limb
    One of the most difficult categories of things to cut a lot of are round things. Think about it: Brussels sprouts, carrots, small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers,...
  4. Cuisivan Snak Carafe
    Cuisivan Snak Carafe
    Why It's Cool: Attractive and easy way to serve snacks (and liquids) hygienicly
    The Cuisivan Snak Carafe just makes so much good sense! First, it looks great, with a lovely curved shape that both shows off your nibbles and looks very modernly organic. Next,...
  5. Lékué PopCorn Microwave Popcorn Maker
    Lékué PopCorn Microwave Popcorn Maker
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Makes great popcorn that's both convenient and healthy; distributes toppings throughout! Collapses for easy storage.
    Remember when making popcorn was as easy as throwing a bag (including who knew what additives) into your microwave, waiting a few minutes and then taking out a bag of popped...
  6. Herb Assortment
    Four Seasons Table Art Napkin RIngs
    Why It's Cool: Simply beautiful
    Every meal begins in the kitchen ...with basic herbs and spices and all the flavors you bring to each dish. And then it moves to table, where you savor those flavors and,...
    As low as $60.00
  7. RSVP Porcelain Cheese Labels
    RSVP Porcelain Cheese Labels
    Why It's Cool: Helps guests know what they're eating; reusable
    If you love cheese, then you probably serve cheese to friends and family. And when someone exclaims, “What a wonderful cheese, what is it?”, you’d hate to sit...
  8. RSVP Endurance Cheese Slicer
    RSVP Endurance Cheese Slicer
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Blade (instead of wire) cuts cheese easily
    Slicing cheese into even and uniform slices is always a problem: you want these slices for your cheeseburgers or grilled cheese sandwiches, or simply to grill for a side to...
  9. RSVP Endurance Cheese Server
    RSVP Endurance Cheese Server
    Why It's Cool: Pretty way to serve grated cheese at table
    We all love cheese, and some of us even love it more than others. In the kitchen, you can sprinkle it on to any dish, and you can bake it on top of any casserole. But how do...
  10. blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator
    Why It's Cool: Adds filtering and aeration to a beautiful 1.5L carafe
    Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are...
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $71.99
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