Cuisivan Snak Carafe

Why It's Cool: Attractive and easy way to serve snacks (and liquids) hygienicly

We love to have little nibbles in the pantry in case someone stops over for a glass of wine. (In Spain, bars serve snacks to make sure their patrons don’t ingest too much alcohol without something solid to help absorb it… and probably to generate more thirst!)

What we don’t love is having these nibbles in a dish where a lot of hands touch what’s going into a lot of mouths. With all the germs that are going around, it just seems to make sense to try to find an alternative. We’ve put out spoons (and we even carry some very cool ones), but people don’t always remember to use them, and there sometimes awkward for things like nuts or roasted chickpeas, or … This is why we were so excited when we saw these at the Housewares Show.…

The Cuisivan Snak Carafe just makes so much good sense! First, it looks great, with a lovely curved shape that both shows off your nibbles and looks very modernly organic. Next, it is easy to use because the shape and the ergonomic finger indentations just beg to be picked up and poured. As they cleverly say on the packaging: Your hand isn’t in the treats... the treats are in your hand!

And this little carafe is a multi-tasker: it’s also perfect for a single serving of wine or to pour salad dressing or syrup! A Cool Tool indeed.


  • Borosilicate glass
  • 10oz/296ml capacity
  • 5.5”/14cm tall; 3”/7.5cm diameter at the base
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Packaged in an attractive gift tube
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