HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

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Why It's Cool: Reusable water bottle that's easy to take anywhere: stands proud when it's open, hides away when it's not in use...and you're helping the planet!

We all know that drinking lots of water has many benefits:

  1. Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.
  2. Can Help Control Calories.
  3. Helps Energize Muscles.
  4. Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.
  5. Helps Your Kidneys.
  6. Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.


Water can also have a major effect on energy levels and brain function, may help prevent and treat headaches, and can help prevent hangovers. Healthline

As a matter of fact, the information on the benefits of water is so compelling, that I just got up and drank a glass of water while I was writing this.

OK ... now that we’ve established that drinking water is really good for you (but you already knew that, right?) how do you make that convenient and, incidentally, good for the planet? Well, have we got a Cool Tool for you…!

The innovative folks at HYDAWAY created a water bottle that solves 2 fundamental problems:

  1. Convenience: this bottle is sturdy enough to stand on its own when filled, but clever enough to almost disappear when empty.
  2. Waste: When a reusable bottle is this convenient, why would you want to use a single-use bottle that is both more expensive in the long run, and definitely more harmful to the planet?

Let’s take these one at a time.

Convenience: when closed, the Hydaway bottle

  • Collapses to a convenient disk: 4” in diameter and less than 1.25” thick
  • Has a handle that allows you to easily hand-carry or attach it by carabiner to a belt, backpack, purse or carry-on luggage;

and when opened, it

  • Stands 6” tall for the 17 ounce and 8" tall for the 25 ounce (and 4” in diameter at its widest point);
  • Holds 17 or 25 ounces of liquid;
  • Fits stably into most cup holders, and
  • Is freestanding and stable, without flopping over (the first of its kind that we’ve found that actually does that!).

In short, this is our favorite solution for road trips, hiking, and especially for staying hydrated during air travel.

Waste: the Hydaway bottle is a convenient alternative to waste of both money and planetary resources:

  • We don’t have to tell you how much a bottle of water costs inside Security at the airport; it doesn’t take many of those purchases to pay for the Hydaway bottle. And you’ll have it to use over and over again. Dishwasher-safe at every turn.
  • Every year more than one-trillion pieces of single-use plastic enter our waste stream. Do your part to help change this.

Our experience has been that the Hydaway bottle has been a great conversation-starter, while standing in those interminable boarding gate lines. In contrast to all the others in line, you’ll be prepared to board with a full pint of water, or to request a larger refill from your flight attendants, and then to disembark, fully-hydrated, with a smaller, cooler-looking environmentally-aware appendage to your carry-on.

So stay hydrated, look cool, and save the planet while you’re doing it - the Hydaway bottle is a Cool Tool for sure! And for a limited time, the Hydaway bottle is also available from Colbrook Kitchen with both a twist-off plain cap and a ‘sippy-cup’ spout. Get one for yourself, another for your best friend, and more for your road-warrior colleagues!

Add a Travel Case to keep your water bottle clean and handy.

And for even better tasting water, pair this with the Carbon Filter Lid.


  • Open: 6”/8" x 4” (15cm x 10cm)
  • Collapses to a disk that’s just 1.25" x 4” (3.175cm x 10cm)
  • Taste, odor and BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe: top shelf only
  • Available in 5 colors
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