fusionbrands Silicone WaveSponge

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Why It's Cool: A great multi-functional cleaning tool for all your pots and pans

We’ll start this review from a 180⁰ perspective: instead of discussing tasks that need to be performed in your kitchen, and concluding with ‘why this Tool is a best-of-breed’ to accomplish those tasks, we’ll begin with the Tool and all the things that it can do, oh-so well. It all comes back to the same place in the end, but this Tool is so unique that it requires an approach from the opposite direction. It’s called the “WaveSponge”, from the talented folks at fusionbrands.

To be clear: this is so much more than a mere ‘sponge’. It looks like a sponge, but not really. It functions like a sponge, but differently. It works well with other kitchen cleanup tools, but combines them all-in-one. It’s different from what you might expect by its name, and definitely a Cool Tool!

It looks basically like every other ‘sponge: an ambidextrous, rectangular cleaning tool. But this Tool is different, beginning with the swirling curved ribs on all sides. Except as noted below, it’s all silicone. The ‘bottom’ of the rectangle features a liquid soap loading hole and there are 3 much smaller holes on the 2 long sides, to dispense the soap onto the surface that you’re cleaning. Pretty conventional so far, right? But this ‘sponge’ goes further!

On one of the long sides, there is a rigid silicone edge: it acts as a ‘grip-enhancer’ when you’re using this Tool like a conventional sponge, and it doubles as a light-duty scraper to attack those slightly-more difficult burned-on spots on your pots-n-pans. When your cleanup reaches the right stage, simply scrape off that residual stuck-on spots. But, as they say on TV, there’s more!

The ‘top’ end of this Tool features a sharp, slightly-curved, hard nylon scraper: it’s a 1½ “/3.8cm razor-like straight-edge, that curves naturally to reach into the corners of any usual  pot or pan. This scraper enables removal of the more difficult-to-remove burned-on spots. Before you resort to the steel wool, this component of the WaveSponge will do a lot of the hard work for you!

Cleanup is the last stage to any meal, and the WaveSponge from fusionbrands will simplify that, regardless of your perspective! This is definitely a Cool Tool! Every kitchen needs one, at every cleaning station! And these make great, unique gifts that will be appreciated for a very long time.


  • Overall length: 6½”/16.5cm
  • Overall width: ¾”/2cm
  • Top Blade length: 2”/5cm
  • Silicone and Nylon
  • Dishwasher safe  
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