Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)

Why It's Cool: Easily cuts round things (fruits or vegetables) into quarters or eigths, without risk to life or limb

One of the most difficult categories of things to cut a lot of are round things. Think about it: Brussels sprouts, carrots, small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, kiwis, strawberries; the list goes on and on. They sit on the cutting board looking all innocent and fresh, but when you approach them with a knife, they are more likely to roll than stay quietly still waiting for your cut, putting both your fingers and the round object at risk. So while I am much more likely to pick up a Cool Tool than a knife when the Cool Tool does a better job, even Kennedy, the knife guy, will opt for a specialized Cool Tool when faced with a round thing that needs to be cut in even pieces. And have we got a Cool Tool for you…

The Flexicut Vegetable Splitter from Gefu (say that 10 times fast!) may be my favorite Cool Tool this year! A few companies have tried to tackle this problem, and we tested a number of candidates, but this one has the best features we’ve found:

  1. It can cut your round things into quarters or eighths, with a simple with just  the turn of a dial

  2. The blades are wicked sharp, so it does the cutting with very little effort

  3. There is an insert that holds smaller things in the center of the tube so you get better results

  4. The insert also keeps your fingers away from the wicked sharp blades

  5. There is a plunger that pushes your food against the blades (so your fingers don’t have to)

  6. There is enough space under the blade for you cut fruit or vegetable to fall comfortably

  7. It’s dishwasher safe

In short, since I got a sample of this to test, it has been in use almost every day. So do yourself and your fingers a favor, and cut round things with ease and in safety! This was a Global Innovation Award finalist and is the very essence of a Cool Tool.


  • 6.75”/17cm tall
  • 3”/7.5cm diameter
  • Adjustable blade made of Japanese blade steel for dividing into quarters or eighths
  • Centring insert for narrow fruit or vegetable
  • SAN / ABS / japanese blade steel / PP
  • Dishwasher safe
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