These are the tools that are your workhorses, and the ones that most take the place of a sous-chef. These Cool Tools help you prepare your ingredients to be cooked. In finding Cool Tools for food prep, functionality, time saving and ease of use are the most important things we look for. Each and every one of these does its job particularly well and takes your food prep from drudgery to fun (well, almost!) When we finally carry knives, they will fit in this section.

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  1. RSVP Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cups (Set of 7)
    RSVP Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cups (Set of 7)
    Why It's Cool: All the good sizes in a set of 7 18/8 SS dry measuring cups
    As we stated in our Cool Tip: There is a Difference, you really do measure wet and dry ingredients differently.  Wet ingredients will find their own level in a measuring cup,...
  2. The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    The Cheese Knife (Large Size)
    Why It's Cool: Cuts cheese cleanly without sticking, especially in large block formats
    The original Cheese Knife was a great surprise for us … a very Cool Tool: beautiful mid-20th Century American industrial design, with a clean functional purpose, that performs...
    As low as $21.99
  3. KitchenIQ The Better Zester
    KitchenIQ The Better Zester
    Why It's Cool: Smoother zesting, catches and measures zest, then scrapes it off back
    When something is called “The Better Zester”, your first reaction is that this must be giant sized braggadocio--at least that was my reaction … until I tried it.  It is a...
    As low as $14.99
  4. Kyocera The Perfect Peeler
    Kyocera The Perfect Peeler
    Why It's Cool: Amazingly sharp blade, comfortable handle, head twists to provide flexible use
    We all have vegetable peelers of various types and styles … from the ones we remember as a child, or from our time on KP in the military, or more recently … but every version...
    As low as $14.95
  5. Trudeau Dripless Oil Spout
    Trudeau Dripless Oil Spout
    Why It's Cool: Truly dripless pouring from any bottle.
    We all buy - or receive - bottles of olive oil or vinegar that we store for another day … they come either corked or with a screwtop that has to be removed and/or replaced every...
    As low as $11.99
  6. Norpro Stainless Steel Herb and Kale Stripper and Chopper
    Norpro Stainless Steel Herb and Kale Stripper and Chopper
    Why It's Cool: Not only does this strip all different kinds of herbs and kale, it has a blade to chop them as well.
    OK - you know you love the special flavors that herbs can add to a variety of dishes. But the ‘dried’ stuff in bottles doesn’t deliver the punch you want, and the effort of...
  7. Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Bottles by IPAC
    Olipac Stainless Steel Olive Oil Bottles by IPAC
    Why It's Cool: Strikingly beautiful olive oil bottles for kitchen or dining table
    We always look for kitchen tools that are high design, high functionality, but sometimes we see something that blows us away. When we were walking the show in Chicago last month,...
    As low as $22.20
  8. Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Gefu Flexicut Vegetable Splitter (Cutter)
    Why It's Cool: Easily cuts round things (fruits or vegetables) into quarters or eigths, without risk to life or limb
    One of the most difficult categories of things to cut a lot of are round things. Think about it: Brussels sprouts, carrots, small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers,...
  9. Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus
    Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: All-in-one kitchen necessities in a space-saving package
    We all know that it takes a range of tools to be effective in the kitchen. After all, we wouldn’t be in this business if that wasn’t true! But you don’t...
  10. OXO V-Blade Mandoline Slicer
    OXO V-Blade Mandoline Slicer
    Why It's Cool: Easy to use and effective for all kinds of slicing and julienning
    A mandoline is both awesome and scary. Awesome, because it really can do things a knife can’t (at least not when wielded by a mere amateur), like julienning a...
    As low as $39.99
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