Cuisipro 4-sided Box Grater

Why It's Cool: Glide technology makes grating smoother and easier
So, you ask, how can a Box Grater be a ‘Cool Tool’? Is anything more mundane? or basic? And the answer is ‘it’s a Cool Tool when it’s based on new, patent pending technology, that prepares a better component for your dishes!’ The problem with most box graters is that they are now-dull pieces of stamped below-average steel that ‘cut’ the food badly, on ragged edges: these are stamped metal that do not produce the sharp clean cuts we associate with using a honed knife or mandolin. Enter the Cuisipro 4-sided Box Grater with patent pending Surface Glide Technology™ ...the solution to the issue of less-than adequate box graters.

Enter the Cuisipro 4-sided Box Grater with patent pending Surface Glide Technology™ ...the solution to the issue of less-than adequate box graters. Surface Glide Technology is based upon an etched - not stamped - pattern of ‘repeated grooves’ across the face of the grater.  These grooves provide 2 benefits over traditional grater designs. First, they reduce resistance, making the task easier to perform, more quickly, and with less physical effort.  But second, and more importantly, the grooves also elongate the cutting surface of each blade, bringing more food in contact with the blades on each stroke: yielding more ‘gratings’ per stroke. The sum of these two benefits is a more efficient grating process, with more consistent, attractive results.

The 4-sided Box Grater has Fine (think citrus zest or nutmeg), Coarse (think bigger zest: our preference!), and Ultra-Coarse (think semi-soft cheeses, like the mixture used in Aligot Potatoes), as well as a Slicer blade, on those occasions when breaking out the mandolin is too much for tonight’s meal. The set also comes with a fresh ginger grater, which we love to use in anything Southeast Asian! It has calibrated measurements on the side (in both US and Metric measurements) and a sturdy nonslip handle to hold the Grater down firmly then you can slip your scraper under the bottom of the grater and move the measured product to your mixing bowl or dish. What could be easier?  ...and more convenient?

In short: a basic essential tool with cool new technology that justifies replacing (throwing out!) your old dull stamped metal box grater, and making space in your kitchen for this beauty from Cuisipro!


  • Surface Glide Technology™ grates more with less effort.
  • Five grating surfaces:
    • Fine for citrus zest and Parmesan.
    • Coarse for most cheeses and vegetables.
    • Ultra-Coarse for soft and semi-soft cheeses.
    • Slicer for a variety of vegetables.
    • Bonus Ginger Grater base shreds fresh ginger root while leaving unwanted fibers behind.
  • Non-slip handle and removable base for stability.
  • Calibrated, dry measuring units on side.
  • Hand wash preferred.
  • Dimensions: 9.5"x 4.75"x 3.5"
  • 25 year warranty from manufacturer
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