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For the Grill Master

Here are some Cool Tools for the BarBQ King or Queen.

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  1. AdHoc DuoMill Pure

    AdHoc DuoMill Pure


    Why It's Cool: Both salt and pepper in one tower with 2 adjustable ceramic mills; great functionality and beautiful too!

    Salt and Pepper: essential ingredients in almost every recipe, and therefore in every kitchen and on every tabletop! And there are so many ways to ‘deliver’ these ingredients to your food … we offer electric (Piper’s primary faves!) and manual (Kennedy’s personal preferences!) But the good ones have a few things in common:

    • rapid, consistent and evenly distributed throughput,
    • adjustable grinders for individualized preferences,
    • comfortable ease of use, and
    • no messy “leave-behind” on your countertop or tabletop.

    Over these 5+ years of searching worldwide for truly Cool Tools, we’ve learned a lot, our requirements have become stricter, and the possible field of acceptable choices has narrowed. But this product truly is one of the best! And it’s from one of the first companies we worked with when we started our business!

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  2. Camerons Mini Stove-Top Smoker

    Camerons Mini Stove-Top Smoker


    Why It's Cool: Delicious smoked flavor... indoors... fast and easy!

    We love smoked food, starting with pork barbeque (there is no other kind, you know!) and evolving to include chipotles of a variety of chilis, and smoked tomatoes for homemade ketchup and tomato sauce. And all manner of fish, poultry and meats! But these have been major day-long projects in the Big Smoker - done very low and slow for hours. So it doesn’t get done as often as it might, because it’s a bit of a hassle.

    No longer! We’ve found an indoor stovetop solution that enables you to have smoked whatever, whenever, in a remarkably short time! And you can use it on your outdoor grill too!

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  3. Camerons Non-Stick Grilling Mesh Baske

    Camerons Non-Stick Grilling Mesh


    Why It's Cool: Keeps your food from dropping through or sticking to your grill

    There are many dishes that can benefit from some grill-time - right? But either they’re too messy to put directly onto the grill - think anything with a saucy marinade - or the ingredients are too small and will fall through the grill - like scallops or vegetables - or they need to be cooked quickly but will stick to the grill - think fish or chicken breasts .…

    But using aluminum foil isn’t a good solution for several reasons: it doesn’t let the flame through to impart flavor or grill marks, it doesn’t let liquid evaporate and can lead to steaming instead of grilling, our turner or tongs are just as likely to cut the foil as to lift the protein cleanly when done, and all that fussing takes time, which can lead to burned or overcooked food.

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  4. Camerons Smoking Chips

    Camerons Smoking Chips


    Why It's Cool: All your favorite wood flavors in convenient, ready-to-use form

    When using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker, you can choose from 9 varieties of wood chips - 100% real wood, processed to remove the natural resins that leave an unpleasant taste in your food, and chopped very fine specifically for use in the Smoker.

    Each has its own flavor profile, for pairing with your food...

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  5. Chef'n FreshForce Basting Brush

    Chef'n FreshForce Basting Brush


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    Why It's Cool: Holds sauce like a champ, silicone “bristles” clean up easily in dishwasher

    One of the keys to good grilled food is the layers of flavor you get when use first a dry rub of various herbs and spices (the combinations are endless) and then a mop of some sauce that provides more flavor to the protein, and then can caramelize into a delicious crust.

    We love silicone basting brushes, whether it’s for spreading oil in a pan or smearing sauce on meat, fowl or fish. Silicone withstands heat, doesn’t lose bristles into your sauce or pan, and cleans up like a dream. But sometimes a silicone brush has even more to offer...

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  6. Burgers on BBQ Xtra

    COOKINA BBQ and Oven Sheets


    Why It's Cool: Non-stick sheet for your grill, baking pans and ovens

    Anyone who has ever cooked knows that cooking can be messy. Food can stick to your grill or roasting pan, or spill over to the floor of your oven. And all of that requires elbow grease to clean. In addition, when food sticks to the cooking surface, you often lose portions of it, and the results are not nearly as attractive as you would like.

    COOKINA®, a small family company out of Montreal, set out to solve all those problems...and they did!

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  7. Evo Oil or Vinegar Sprayer

    Evo Oil or Vinegar Sprayer


    Why It's Cool: Sprays a fine fan-shaped mist of oil or vinegar without propellants or pumping

    How do you get just the right amount of olive oil on...everything? Olive oil is one of those tough things to spray because it can clog ordinary sprayers. And cookware manufacturers warn against using aerosols on cookware because the propellants are flammable and can leave an almost permanent film on the surface (and if does that to cookware, what is it doing to your stomach?)

    But the idea of spraying a thin film of oil is very appealing, because it cuts down the amount of fat in your diet while providing great even coverage. So there are two basic types of sprayers, and we like them both. One is the Ad Hoc Tutto, which is a beautiful pump-style sprayer. But sometimes you want more coverage than the pump sprayer will give you without an arm workout. In that case you want the award winning Evo Trigger Sprayer, designed by Michael Graves and winner of the 2014 International Housewares Association Innovation Award.

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  8. Fox Run Meat Shredders

    Fox Run Meat Shredders


    Why It's Cool: Easy ergonomically shaped tools that take your meat from whole to fabulous!

    So we’ve all had wonderful barbeque (and if you haven’t, then you must: take a trip to Memphis, or Austin, or various parts of NC, or SC … do the research and make the trip: this is “Bucket List” material, for sure!)

    My first BBQ cathedral-stop was during a US Army weekend-off at Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City … where Mr. Bryant himself - RIP - chopped the burnt-ends and served them - hands-free and correctly sauced - on white bread … oh yes, I remember it well!-] An epiphany!

    So what do you do when you want to reproduce your own wonderful “BBQ” experience? How do you cut the meat to the correct/desired consistency? How do you convert that beautifully cooked pork shoulder or other delicious meat into the main ingredient of your “BBQ” experience? Well, ... after you cook it, you gotta shred it ….

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  9. Fox Run Outset Wood Chip Soaker

    Fox Run Outset Wood Chip Soaker


    Why It's Cool: Easily and thoroughly soaks your wood chips for smoking without mess or waste.

    Regardless of your preferred smoking flavors - driven in no small part by your geographic origin and your food preferences, the common denominator is that your chips need to be soaked before use … after all, we’re not putting firewood into the mix: it’s smoke that we want to include in our grilling exercise.

    Soaking is easy … throw some chips in a bucket and wait awhile. Yes, but … the simplest approach creates a number of issues: wasting and contaminating too much water, a messy sloppy bucket, floating chips that don't get uniformly soaked, etc. … a mixed bag of inefficient, and somewhat messy, unintended, and unnecessary, consequences.

    But no more!

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  10. Jaccard Pig Tail Food Flipper Set

    Jaccard Pig Tail Food Flipper Set


    Why It's Cool: Two sizes of sturdy, handy flippers that make it so easy to turn food on the grill or in the oven

    We’ve always been big fans of tongs… we have several on the site, and love them all. But we were recently introduced to a new technique for flipping and moving food...and we were blown away! There are times when you want the minimum contact possible with your food while turning it or moving it from place to place. Often this is when you’ve developed a nice crust while grilling, or other good coating that you don’t want to disturb. That’s when the Pig Tail Food Flipper from Jaccard just shines. But once you start using the Pig Tail, you will begin to realize how both fun and useful it is, and you will use it for so much more.

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  11. Joie Citrus Squeeze and Spray

    Joie Citrus Squeeze and Spray


    Why It's Cool: Juices, sprays and stores your citrus to make it easy to brighten your dishes with a dash of citrus.

    We’re big fans of the way that a little bit of citrus juice can brighten the flavors in almost any dish. But sometimes getting a little bit evenly distributed throughout the dish is a challenge. You can squeeze the citrus over the dish, or pour it on after you’ve juiced it, but that just doesn’t get the subtle result you want. So how do you get just a hint of lemon on your kale chips or just a hint of lime on your homemade tortilla chips?

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  12. Lekue Citrus Press

    Lékué Citrus Press


    Why It's Cool: Both stores and squeezes citrus and prevents seeds from getting into your food

    We love finding good designs that help us save money.

    We have lemon trees, but lately there has been so much killer frost that we have had to buy lemons.  I realize many of you are saying, “Join the real world”, and yes, we have been spoiled with tree-ripened fruit.  But now the idea of using half a lemon and not finding a way to protect and preserve the other half is unthinkable.  Plastic bags don’t work all that well, plastic wrap is hopeless, and it seems silly (and a waste of space) to use a plastic container for half a lemon.

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  13. Lekue Citrus Sprayer

    Lékué Citrus Sprayer


    Why It's Cool: Turn your citrus into sprayers that spritz of fresh juice

    OK, this really is one of the things we wished we’d invented...and then been smart enough to do it right! The next best thing is to find one that works so well that you stop trying to figure out how to do it better...and then be able to offer it to you. This is it!

    So what this does in a nutshell is to turn any lemon or lime into a spray bottle of fresh juice. How many times have you just wished that you could spray a little citrus juice on something, whether it’s to add a touch of flavor, or to use the power of citrus to stop fruits and vegetables from turning brown?

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  14. Nuance Basting Brush

    Nuance Basting Brush


    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $10.00

    Why It's Cool: Silicone bristles can handle any heat up to 572°F, handle is ergonomatically shaped, and it's beautiful!

    Remember back awhile ago we promised that we would have a silicone basting brush on the site? Well we’ve been looking around and testing various brushes for both great appearance and great functionality, and trying to find good value as well. Now, do we have a deal for you...

    A silicone brush is something we can’t do without--we use it to spread oil in a pan so that we use less, to spread melted butter on a hot griddle to make blinis or pancakes (because it’s silicone, the bristles don’t melt on a hot surface), or to spread sauce or marinade on meat or fish before we cook it.  In short, it’s an indispensible Cool Tool for any kitchen.

    One of our favorite manufacturers, the Danish company Nuance (think the Wine Finer and the beautiful Mortar and Pestle), offered us a deal, so we were able to pick up these brushes at a very good price--and we’re passing that on to you. But quantities are limited, so don’t wait!

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  15. OXO Poultry Shears

    OXO Poultry Shears


    Why It's Cool: Micro-serrated blades cut equally well through skin and bones, and the blades come apart for easy cleaning.

    Poultry shears have two basic functions: be strong enough to cut through joints and bones, and be sharp enough to cut through slippery chicken skin. It is surprising how few poultry shears are good at both. Extra points are given for being:

    1. Easy to grip (raw poultry is slippery, and that transfers to your hands when you’re taking it apart),
    2. Easy to clean (we’re talking raw poultry here--salmonella...hello!), and
    3. Compactly designed, to be as small and safe as possible, both in use and while stored in your drawer.

    And then there are the little extra details that close the deal:

    1. Tapered blades to get into tight places on your poultry,
    2. Spring-loaded handles that provide extra leverage for ease of cutting,
    3. Blade notch to secure bones while you’re squeezing the handles to cut them, and
    4. Handles shaped to prevent your hand from slipping forward.

    We’ve tested and used a lot, and these Poultry Shears from OXO have it all.