RSVP Endurance All-Purpose Shaker

Why It's Cool: Large holes, perfect to evenly distribute rubs and other seasonings

For that wonderfully complex grilled food flavor, you want to layer on the flavor. The first or second layer (depending on whether you start with a brine or a wet marinade) is a dry rub. Your dry rub can be any combination of herbs and spices that appeal to you--experiment! One of our favorites for pork tenderloin is equal parts of kosher salt, cumin powder, chipotle powder, and ginger powder.

We’ve found that the best way to deliver that rub to your meat is to shake it out of a simple shaker with holes that are large enough to accommodate the kosher salt, but not so large that it delivers the rub so quickly that you wind up with big blotches of rub in some places and not enough in others. The perfect sized holes will give you an even covering of the rub, so that all you have to do is just pat it in and you’re ready to go.

We’ve found that the Endurance All-Purpose Shaker has exactly the right-sized holes to do the job. It has an 11-ounce capacity, made of beautiful stainless steel, and delivers the rub better than anything else we’ve tried. We wind up using less, but getting more flavor, more evenly spread.

Yes, even a humble shaker that is well-designed and performs its functions well can be a Cool Tool!


  • 11 Ounce capacity
  • 18/8 polished stainless steel with airtight plastic cover.
  • Features coarse perforations perfect for cheese, pepper and other coarse spices.
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