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Why It's Cool: Takes the frustration out of using kitchen wraps: plastic wrap, foil and parchment.

OK, I’ve already admitted that I’m a klutz when it comes to plastic wrap; that’s one of the reasons that we love the Charles Viancin Lids. But there are times when plastic wrap can be the best solution. And there are fewer alternatives to foil and parchment, both of which have a hallowed, if frustrating, place in our kitchen. But these always have been hate-love-hate relationships because, try as I might, the grocery store dispensers of all the various products in this category get messy, don’t tear evenly or well, start breaking down the moment you start to use them, and are generally unsatisfactory kitchen “helpers”. In short, most are badly designed and function poorly: the very opposite of Cool Tools!

That’s why we were so excited to discover ChicWrap...

These clever, pre-filled, plastic-coated dispensers have taken the frustrations out of using tightly-rolled kitchen wraps: plastic wrap, foil, or parchment. Whichever version(s) you use, you will begin to fall in love with them immediately. Each reusable and refillable dispenser has 4 little silicone feet that keep it rock-steady on your counter. The sliding cutter on each dispenser cuts the plastic, foil, or parchment in a straight line, yielding an even cut with no raggedy, wasteful ends: all without having to go through the often futile contortions one usually uses on a kitchen wrap package. And the design of each dispenser keeps the plastic wrap, foil or parchment ready for its next use, without the disappearing ‘trick’ (so common with other rolled paper products!) that makes the remaining edge of the roll disappear back into the package. And, finally, these boxes are coated, for easy cleanup.

These dispensers are reusable, refillable, durable, fun, and an absolutely glorious addition to your kitchen. And they make cool gifts for your kitchen-paper-frustrated friends. These are, in short, definitely Cool Tools!


  • UV coated, sustainable, rigid box with colorful design
  • 4 Non skid feet grip to all kitchen surfaces
  • Slide cutter provides effortless cutting
  • Plastic Wrap:
    • Dispenses BPA free professional plastic wrap
    • Comes with one 250’ roll of professional plastic wrap
  • Foil:
    • Regular: Dispenses any 12” wide foil up to 200 feet
    • 18" wide: Dispenses any 18” wide foil up to 200 feet
    • Comes with one 30' roll of aluminum foil
    • Parchment:
      • Dispenses any 15” parchment rolls up to 150 feet
      • Comes with one 41’ roll of parchment paper
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