The Cake Knife

Why It's Cool: Serrated teeth and unique material allow knife to slice through a layer cake without getting cake stuck all over the blade, and the large, flat blade lifts that slice easily onto a plate

Cakes are wonderful desserts … ranging from a single layer cheesecake, to a multi-layered iced and decorated extravaganza - in the dominant flavor of your choice, of course! Cakes can be a delightful, usually sweet, finishing touch to your meal. And portions can be managed to the “how much do you want?” desires and remaining appetites of individual guests, with an almost certainty of leftovers! Perfect! So what Cool Tool do you need to properly present a portion of cake?

Well first, you want a tool that will cut the cake without squishing out the filling or crushing the cake.  And then you want a tool that will transport the cake from the serving plate to the diner's plate without leaving any behind. And if you can accomplish both those things with one tool, then you're in cake heaven!

The Cake Knife - from the same folks who brought you The Cheese Knife - is the answer! It’s made from GE Ultem® resin - more commonly used in medical instruments and guitar picks! - which assures a smooth clean cut through the creaminess and softness and layers of your cake to the desired serving thickness. The Cake Knife features a serrated main blade for precision cutting, with a wide - 4⅛“/10.5cm - surface that supports the slice of cake to serve it, so additional tools are not required (and need not apply).

In short, the Cake Knife is very definitely a Cool Tool: with one Tool, you can carefully cut AND serve and plate the slice for your guests! Definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 9½ “/24cm overall length
  • Blade: 5” /12 cm x 3⅛”/8cm  
  • Handle: 4½ “/12 cm
  • GE Ultem® Resin - FDA Approved
  • Heat Resistant to 430F/221C
  • Made in USA
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