Rösle Stainless Steel BBQ Turner

Why It's Cool: High quality well-balanced spatula

Grilling Tools come in all shapes and materials, and most are not long-term players. The wooden handles get burned, either repeatedly or in one big accidental oversight. Or the metal tang - made of some unnamed alloy that gets hot fast - isn’t covered quite enough to protect you from minor burns, as your tool gets hot because you left it over the heat. What's a Master of the Grill to do?

The folks at Rösle have designed an excellent group of basic Cool Tools for Grilling!

The 18” BBQ Turner features the distinctive Rösle round watertight 5.5” handle, which provides a right-sized grip (almost 1” in diameter) and an extra layer of insulation from the threat of burns from hot tools. The face of the Turner is almost 5” long, and 4.25” wide at its beveled front edge. This design has enough space to flip a really large cheeseburger, and the thirty ⅜” diameter holes allow excess liquids to drain off, while providing a sturdy platform for lifting and flipping even the heaviest item.

Beautiful design and excellent functionality … a Very Cool Tool!


  • 18/10 Stainless Steel, in a beautiful brushed finish
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Outdoor-safe
  • A convenient hook for hanging alongside your grill
  • Backed by the famous Rösle reputation for quality design and manufacturing and by the Rösle 10 Year Warranty.
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