GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press

Why It's Cool: Beautifully silky smooth riced potatoes with much less effort

Ahhh potatoes, that much maligned but often secretly enjoyed staff of life that adds so much to any meal. And while there are any number of ways to prepare a potato (or sweet potato for that matter), the richest and most decadent and probably most satisfying is in a silky smooth puree with the add-in of your choice (think cheese, sour cream, butter, garlic, celery root, creme fraiche, etc.), whether it’s just served on a plate, stuffed back in the shell to make a twice-baked potato, a seasonal favorite like Kennedy’s Drunken Sweet Potatoes, or our favorite French comfort food: Aligot Potatoes, that cheese-enhanced mashed-potato dish from central France that is somewhere between buttery mashed potatoes and pure melted cheese. And what is the hands-down best way to get that silky texture? In our opinion it’s ricing the potato.

Ricing forces the potatoes through small holes and produces a silkier, smoother, fluffier texture that makes your potato the perfect vehicle for your next step. But the main problem with ricing is that it usually requires some physical strength on the part of the cook: it helps to peel before cooking (otherwise you have to remove the peels after each press), but most Ricers require more strength than most of us possess: Even before we started this business, we were on a hunt for an effective “Ricer”, without success, until now! Finally, we’ve found it!

The Gefu Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press is simply the best we’ve found, after 5+ years of searching and trying! The manufacturer says “up to 80% less pressure required” … we don’t know how to measure ‘required pressure’ but its combination of extra-long arms and positioning the plunger directly above the container makes this the best and easiest Ricer we’ve ever used (of very many!). Quite simply, it presses better, firmer, and smoother and with less effort than ANY of the other many presses we’ve tried, since we started Colbrook Kitchen over 5 years ago, and before.

And just in case you want to make spaetzle or puree chestnuts for that wonderful Italian dessert Monte Bianco, this tool can do that too. There are two pressing grids to choose from, depending upon your desired degree of fineness. The Container detaches for easy (dishwasher safe) cleanup and holds the pressing grids, locked into place, for easy, convenient storage.

GEFU is truly the only name you need to know for the “Ricer” you need in your kitchen. Discard/donate the rest … THIS is the Cool Tool you want!


  • Overall length: 14½“/37cm
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Container: 3”/7.6cm diameter x 2¾”/7cm deep
  • Two Pressing Grids: .08”/3mm or a finer 0.5”/2mm throughput
  • High grade stainless steel and nylon
  • Hanging Loop and Locking mechanism
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Design by INVIVO for GEFU
  • 2016 German Design Award Special
  • 2017 IHA Global Innovation Award nominee
  • Der Gruene Punkt/Green Dot Award
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