Oggi Stainless Steel Non-Skid Serving Tray

Why It's Cool: Keeps your glasses and drinks from sliding around

It’s a beautiful day and your guests are enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s a springtime lunch or a balmy summer evening. But how do you get cocktails or glasses of wine and hors d’oeuvres from your kitchen to your guests, while still looking cool and being the perfect host?

The answer, of course, is a serving tray--that wonderful “tool” that expands the capacity of your two hands to carry more… and to do it with style. But once you focus on the need for a serving tray, you need pick the serving tray that’s right for you. The right size and shape that will work best - or most versatiley - for your needs may vary. Transporting multiple plates or serving dishes and utensils, from kitchen to table [especially if that table is outdoors!] will require your tray(s) to have greater surface area. But carrying cocktail glasses and a cocktail shaker, or wine glasses and 1 or more bottles of wine, requires a more stable serving piece. And THAT is where the OGGI Stainless Steel non-skid Rubbergrip™ Tray meets your needs, in several, highly-effective ways!

The 13¾”/35cm diameter stainless steel tray features a gently curved ~1”/2.5cm polished outer rim for easy lifting and a stable grip when the tray is loaded. The 11½”/29cm recessed center area - approximately 11½”/29cm - features concentric rings of small rubber circles - each ~⅓”/8mm in diameter - that create the ‘non-skid’ surface you need, especially to stabilize - while carrying - those top-heavy loads of glasses and beverage containers (wine bottles, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, etc.). And the bottom of the tray features several sections of that same rubber material: making the bottom of the tray also “non-skid” when you place it on your table. This tray will not transport your entire meal, but it will enable you to start your meal with an adequate - and elegantly-served - supply of beverages!

My first recollection of this tray design was in the bar of a private club, where its simple elegance and excellent functionality made the bartender look truly professional! So whether you’re serving a simple glass of wine, or your current favorite cocktail, maybe inspired by Nick & Nora Charles, or by the Sex and The City ladies, this tray is a very Cool Tool that will make you look good doing it!


  • Stainless Steel with non-skid Rubbergrip Tray
  • 13¾”/35cm overall diameter
  • 11½”/29cm inside diameter
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