Gefu Bivita Sprouter

Why It's Cool: Grow your own sprouts, easily, quickly and deliciously!

OK, we admit it: we used to laugh at people who ate sprouts. Yes, we live in Northern California, and, yes, we know that sprouts are supposed to be really healthy, but we always thought that they tasted sorta like grass, and if you ate them at all it was ONLY for the health benefits. We even asked waiters to take them off our salads when offered. Our “Ah ha” moment came when one of our vendors talked us into trying their new sprouter (which, incidentally, just won the GIA - Global Innovation Award - at the 2017 International Housewares Show!) we sent away for some organic French Garden (Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, Dill) seeds and gave it a go. Wow!

First, it was really easy! The Gefu Sprouter is perfectly designed with a tall glass domed cylinder jar with an open end and a mesh cover that fits securely inside. This all sits comfortably, mesh side down, on a base that is made to catch drips and allow air to circulate up into your seeds/soon-to-be-sprouts. So all you do is soak your seeds in the glass jar for several hours, then drain using the mesh cover. Twice a day you rinse and drain the seeds right through the cover (takes all of about 30 seconds each time) and put it back on the base. That’s it: it’s that simple.

What we didn’t count on was how much fun it was to watch the sprouts develop. You could see small changes in the seeds the first couple of days, and then the sprouting went into overdrive, and there were significant changes every day, producing fresh delicious sprouts within a week! Different seeds yield at different rates, but …. This has got to be a great biology lesson for kids of all ages! We took pictures at the same time each day, so you can see the progress.

The other thing we didn’t count on was just how delicious the oh-so-fresh sprouts are! Our favorite breakfast treat has become a slice of multigrain toast with a thin layer of mascarpone cheese and a pile of sprouts on top ...nutritious and delicious!

So the award-winner Gefu Sprouter has converted us from skeptics to avid fans of fresh sprouts, because growing your own is easy, fun, and delicious--as well as kick-ass healthy! And the Sprouter itself is a beautiful piece of design that makes it all happen! Truly a Cool Tool!


  • Stainless steel mesh screen, silicone gasket and stainless steel ventilator system that fits into the bottom of the glass jar, which in turn fits into the base.
  • The base allows air to circulate freely to create the perfect climate for cultivating fresh sprouts from a variety of seeds with no bacteria or mold growth, while keeping residual moisture off your counter top.
  • Glass dome provides the best lighting conditions for sprouting your seeds.
  • Ventilation integrated into the base.
  • Designed by the award winning INVIVO Design Firm from Germany
  • RED DOT design award winner in 2016
  • GIA Global Innovation Award winner in 2017
  • 5”diameter, 7.2” high
  • Glass/silicone/ABS plastic/high-quality stainless steel
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