OXO 3-Piece Ice Bucket Set

Why It's Cool: Keeps ice (and garnish) cold for a really long time

The concept of an “Ice Bucket” covers a lot of possibilities: … from a simple - or not so simple - bowl, to a double insulated, triple covered thing of beauty …. But the real test is very simple: does this thing we’re calling an ‘Ice Bucket” keep the ice cold/mostly frozen, for a significant period of time, under the most trying circumstances? The Good Grips 3-Piece Ice Bucket Set from OXO provides affirmative answers to all all these questions, and more ….

The 3-Piece Ice Bucket Set from OXO is quite simply an excellent combination of all the things you imagine wanting in an Ice Bucket. Most significantly, its double-wall insulation keeps ice frozen for several hours, even in summer heat! The carrying handle lifts up for convenient carrying without having to warm the ice with your hands, and folds down and flush to be completely out-of-the-way when the Ice Bucket is on your counter, bar or table. Similarly, the hinged lid stays with the Bucket: no more setting aside and allowing the ice to melt! The front edge of the lid lifts easily and, in the closed position, closes the 6th plane of the insulation. There also are multiple convenience features built into this design. First, the nylon tongs, with sharp gripping teeth for gripping and scooping, can hang from either side of the Ice Bucket. A removable garnish tray provides a convenient location to keep your pre-cut citrus closeby, chilled, protected, and ready for your next round! And the interior floor of the Ice Bucket features small elevations that create a reservoir space under your ice, so that the inevitable meltoff will run below your ice, instead of creating a puddle underneath that will accelerate melting.

The 3-Piece Ice Bucket Set is an attractive combination of excellent functionality wrapped inside a well-designed package at an attractive price. Primarily because of the multi-wall construction, handwashing is recommended, but the garnish tray - the only component you’re likely to require any significant cleaning - is dishwasher safe. It holds 3.3 quarts/3.1 liters of ice, in a BPA-free set of clear, light grey, and dark grey plastic. This Cool Tool will prolong the life of your ice, making your bar a more enjoyable center for cold drinks of any kind!


  • 7½”/19cm high
  • 8½”/21.6cm top width - hinge to hinge
  • Tongs: 7”/18cm long with 2”/5cm jaws
  • Tray: approximately 5½”/14cm long x 1¾”/4.5cm wide x 1½/4cm deep and dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • Hand wash bucket
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