Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Eraser

Why It's Cool: Gently scrubs all those hard to reach places inside your bottles and carafes

Some problems we encounter in the kitchen are exponentially aggravating, beyond their actuality. In many of these cases, we simply sigh, shrug our shoulders, and move on …. And when someone else decides to confront one of these little issues head-on, and their determination produces a tool that eliminates that problem from our pantheon of small nuisances, we are extremely grateful. This is about one of those problems, and its solution!

We’re talking here about dried-on wine or other spots … inside your decanter, pitcher, or wine glasses … from red wine or food residue … those nasty little spots that require reaching through a narrow opening and attempting to scrub the inside surface … without damaging your container. Those bendable sponges are only partially effective … but what else to do? Well, now we have it …!

The Magnetic Spot Eraser from Cuisipro is an ingenious solution to this issue: simply drop the smaller round disk into the decanter, pitcher or glass with some warm water (soap optional) and aim the other side - the “handle” side - through the surface at the smaller disk. Strong magnets in both will connect the two pieces through the material, giving you little rubber scrubbing knobs deep inside your decanter or glass. Simply drag the handle back and forth to move the little knobs on the inside and watch the spots come off! It even works around the stem of your glasses to remove that little bit of residue at the very bottom of your glasses, on top of the stem. These soft rubber knobs won’t scratch your glassware and the magnets will keep the 2 pieces connected so they won’t get separated and lost in your drawer.

This is one of those “slap your forehead” tools: why didn’t we think of that? Well, it’s been done! Award-winning design, delivering highly desirable functionality … a very Cool Tool! Every wine drinker needs one of these, and more for gifts to your wine drinking friends!


  • International Housewares Assn. Innovation Award 2013
  • 2¼”/5.2cm long x 1¼”/3.2cm diameter
  • Hand rinse: not dishwasher safe
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